Perfect Laptop buying Guide 20018

whether you are getting a laptop for the first time for upgrading your existing laptop or moving from a desktop computer to a laptop computer. 2018 is the best time to get you a new laptop. with affordable Technology everyday and wide variety available of laptops, it can be a little difficult to choose the perfect laptop. but whatever your needs maybe here are a few tips which you must keep in mind while buying a new laptop. These tips are helpful whether you a buying a gaming laptop, office laptop or a laptop for your day today computing needs.

1. Get a laptop with OS pre installed

You may find laptops with exactly same configuration with different prices. The only difference between them is of the operating system, one has the operating system pre installed such as Microsoft Windows, and the other one has a open source operating system such as DOS. But getting a operating system like Windows separately is going to be always expensive wanted to get a laptop with Windows pre installed unless you work on some other operating systems like Ubuntu and Linux.

2. Don't go for the brand look for the internal configuration

While buying a laptop brand do not matter much. What you have to look for is the internal configuration of the laptop. You have to look for what processor has installed in the computer, amount of Ram provided, amount of storage provided. Also you have to look for other Essential elements like the quality of display, quality of webcam provided, loudness of the speakers and overall build quality.

3. Do research on your need

You must be very clear what you need with the laptop standby accordingly. For example, if you just want a machine to perform the daily use tasks such as music videos emails and internet surfing and you don't need to carry the machine too often, then you may compromise portability for some additional enhancements. But if you need to do a lot of office work and always need to keep your laptop with yourself then portability is the thing you should go for even if you need to compromise some specifications.

4. Don't just look the processor

Only looking for the Intel Core I3 or i5 or i7 is not enough, you should also look for the generation of the processor. The latest the generation the more powerful is the processor. For example, an 8th generation i5 processor is more powerful than a 5th generation i7 Processor. So, you must go for the latest technology that is the latest generation processors. To know the generation of your proceesor just notice the first number of the model of your processor it indicates the generation. Example, Inter Core i3 5010U is a 5th generation i3 processor.

So, I hope you find these tips helpful in deciding your new computing machine. If you have any question please leave them in the comments below.

Why Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is still the best pick in the budget segment.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is the Asus answer to xiaomi Redmi note 5 in the budget segment smartphones. Though there are new phones coming up by other brands in the budget segment such as Oppo real me, Xiaomi A2, and Honor N9 but still Asus Zenfore Max Pro M1 is the best pick among all other budget segment android smartphones available in the second quatar of 2018.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 was released in April month of this year (2018) with two variants, which are, 3 Gb ram and 32 Gb storage and 4GB ram and 64 Gb storage. It has the specifications such as processor, ram, camera comparable to other android smartphones in this range but here are the things which out stands the Max Pro M1 from other competitors.


Asus has clearly won in the pricing. With providing 64 Gb storage and 4 Gb ram version in just 13K INR Asus has complete dominance. More over, with Flipkart on going sale with all the applied discounts you ay get this phone for as low as 11K INR.

Latest 18:9 Aspect ratio.

Asus has kept up with the latest trend regarding the smartphone display. Though other competitors are also proving the 18:9 screen but Asus has also keep up with the trend with 5.99 inch, 2k resolution AMOLED touch screen.

All the sensors with 3.5 mm Headphone jack

While some smartphones like Real Me and Iphone X has just given up on Fingerprint scanner while others are giving up the 3.5 mm headphone jack. But Asus have not compromised any sensors with the Zenfone Mam Pro M1. We get rear mounted Fingerprint scanner, a head phone jack and all the other essential sensors like gyroscope to enjoy VR.

Latest Android Oreo Upgrade to Android Pie.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 comes with Android Oreo out of the box which is currently the latest Android version with promised update for Android Pie. So you won't be left behind from trying the latest Android features offered by Android Pie.

Massive 5000 Mah battery.

Here comes the big thing! With the modern smartphone all struggling with battery life, The Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is here to keep you away from that problem. With the massive 5000 Mah battery you will get up to 840 hours of stand by time and over a day and a half of usage time. With that you never have to worry about battery getting drained while playing your favorite android games.

So these were the things which makes the Zenfone Max Pro M1 the best pick in the $200 - $300 price range. Let me know in the comments what you think about it and what is your current smartphone.

Android P Pie features | Android Pie release | Android Pie for Google pixel

The latest android version has Android pie has been launched by Google. currently Android P stands for pie is launched only for Google pixels smartphones but smartphones for other manufacturers will also get the update soon.

Here are the Top Android P features-

Android P Adaptive Battery

Android p will increase your smartphone's battery life by well optimization of apps. Android p is smart enough to decide which apps you use the most and ignores the ones you rarely uses.

The new Screenshot tool is here

This new Android Pie feature allows you to edit or view screenshot right after taking it. This feature was in demand since long time.

Iphone X Gesture navigation is now on Android Pie

Just like Apple Iphone X, the new Android P will give you the modern geture navigation. That is right, now you can swipe up to go to home screen and swipe right to go to application manager.

Preview images in messages notification

The new Android P will show you the preview of images in message notification from any messaging app like whats app and Facebook.

Selected Text will be magnified.

Now wherever you select a text, it will be magnified for better viewing.

Auto screen rotate gets better.

Now the screen will rotate as you move it, you don't have to wait for screen to rate after rotating the phones which was a problem in previous android version.

Better media control options

Now with the new gesture navigation on Android P, media control option becomes improved and easy.

Once again we get new setting look

Support for notch

Android P is designed to give full support to the latest smartphone trend that is notch. Now days notch is the new necessity for the smartphones, As trend set by the Iphone X now Samsung, honor xiaomi all leading smartphones is following.

So these were some latest features which you will get in Android P. Android is successor to Android Oreo released on 6 August 2018.

How to get first job on Upwork | How to get work on Upwork with no experience - 5 Methods that will definitely work

How to get first job on Upwork | How to get work on Upwork with no experience - 5 Methods that will definitely work

If you have just started freelancing on Upwork then it is difficult to get your first job on the platform as a new freelancer. But if you have the skill and the ability to deliver a quality service to your clients then these 5 methods will surely help you to get your first job on upwork. Once you get your first few jobs and you do a remarkable work, then going up on upwork from there is no big deal as you will be having at least some ratings as a proof of your quality of service for the future clients.

So, here are these top 5 highly efficient method which will definitely get you you first job on Upwork

How to convert Microsoft word .doc files to PDF for free

Every task which involves computers and printing, Microsoft word is an essential element. Converting Microsoft Word files (.doc) and RTF files to PDF is one of the most important need, as fonts and elements changes if we transfer a Microsoft Word file to another computer because the other computer may not have the same font installed. The solution is to convert the Microsoft Word (.doc) or RTF file to PDF file. But the task is not so easy. I have searched a lot for software which do the same but unfortunately none of them are freeware and those few, which are available for free, leaves hallmarking on the pages. Also I have tried online websites which provides such services but none seems to be working.

But now there is no need to worry as I am going to tell you an extremely simple way to convert your Microsoft Word documents to PDF and this time too, the search engine giant is going to help us.

How to covert your Microsoft word documents (.doc) file to PDF-

1. Sign into your Google account and open your Google drive.

How to get Google chrome bookmark on your desktop to access websites quickly

The trick or I should say feature is really simple like any other web browser. Google chrome also allows you to get your favorite websites shortcuts on your desktop. Once you have created a desktop shortcut for a website, let’s say for – “”, now you can directly access the blog by opening the shortcut you have made.

To make a Google chrome shortcut for a website-

 1. Open the website in Google chrome. 

2. Bookmark the website anywhere in Google chrome, by clicking the “star” in the URL box.

3. Now click and drag the bookmark to your desktop or to any other folder where you want your shortcut.

4. Double click or right click and open the shortcut, to access the website

That’s it. Give it a try by creating a shortcut for this blog.

Share the article and leave your questions and feedbacks in comment section below. Thank you!

All types of advertisements for your blog!

Advertisements are one of the best ways to make some bucks online and online advertising is growing every day. With the rapid growth in the online advertising industry the competition between the online advertising companies are increasing too. Not only the competition, are these online advertising agencies increasing too. As a result, new and various types of advertisements are now available, from which advertisers and publishers can choose. In this article i am going to tell you about all types of online advertisements which are available. So, you can choose the one which suits your blog best.

 1. Banner Advertisements.

Banner advertisements are the most classic advertisements. You have to make a space on your website according to the banner size you want to display and then place the Ad code there. Banner advertisements are mostly CPC and CPM. And most of the time you can you can choose the banner size.
Some popular banner advertising services are-
1. Google Adsense. 
(Also Read- Google Adsense V/S Google Adsense ALTERNATIVES)
2. Yahoo Bing Publishers Network.
3. Tribal Fusion
4. Chitika

2. In-Text Advertisements.

These Ads do not occupy any space on your website. They convert some non-hyperlink text (a word or a phase) in your content in to hyperlinks to the advertiser’s website. When ever someone moves the cursor over the text which has been used for advertising, a small pop-up will open, giving an overview about the advertiser’s product. These advertising links can be easily distinguished with your Links as the advertised text get a “double underline” with the color you choose. 
Some popular In-text advertising services are-
1. Infolinks
2. clicksor
3. infinityads
(Also read- $5 minimum payout Ad-network: InfinityAds review with payment proof.)

3. Pop-up and pop-under Advertisements.

Instead of occupying a space or converting some text to hyperlinks, pop-up ads, as the name suggests, use pop-up windows to show Advertisements. There is no trigger like clik to active the Ad, the Ad will be shown each time someone visits your blog in a pop-up window, users can close the Ad but this will not affect any of the other web pages opened. You can choose from full page pop-up Ads to small pop-under Ads.

Some popular pop-up and pop-under advertising services are-
1. Clicksor
2. popads
3. popcash 

4. On click advertisements.

These Advertisements are same as pop-up advertisements but the only difference is that these ads get triggered when someone clicks anywhere on your website for the first time during each session and the ads will be shown in a new window opened in visitor’s browser. These Ads are very high paying as full pages of advertisers are shown.

“on click ads” is one of the popular on click advertising service.

5. Monetize your links.

You can use links on your website as advertisements using link shortening services. This works on a simple mechanism- You shorten a link using the link shortening website, places the link on your blog, now whenever some one click on the short link, a small advertisement will be displayed before the visitor is directed to actual link. Visitor can skip the Ad after 5 seconds. is the most popular link shorten advertising service. is operating for more than 5 years. 
(Also read- review and tutorial with payment proof)

Some more link shortner websites you can use-

I have not included "Direct Advertisements" in the list as they are same as Banner Ads.

Share the post and leave your questions, suggestions and feedbacks in the comment section below. Also share any new type of Ads available we have missed out.

Please take a sec to share :-)

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