Fiverr VS Fourerr. Which Micro Job website is best FOR YOU

Micro jobs on internet are really a great way to work and earn few bucks from internet from your skills. The idea is really simple. You provide a service that you would like to do and a job that a Buyer would like some one else to do for him by just spending few bucks.

But there are a lot of Micro jobs website present on Internet but this article is not to tell you the one which is best, instead as you can see the title, it’s about the one which is best for you. You may think, what nonsense, every one knows is the best. But believe me it is not, no one website is the best. Actually, it does not work that way at all. You have to figure it- which one is best for you by the following factors-...
First and the most important thing for you is to decide weather the service you are providing, you want to do it professionally (as a job) or you just want to make some extra bucks online. Yes there are people who are working on micro job websites full time as a job. If you want to do it professionally then is best place for you. is more professional and is of very high standards then any other micro job websites. 

Second most important is the kind of service you are providing. If you are providing jobs which require high skills like- Animation, editing, Photoshop work (very very common these day), recording, Big level Advertising (Like Advertising on major areas of a city or online advertising on a very high traffic popular blog) then is the best place for you but please note that success is not guaranteed anywhere. It took about 1 and a half month to get my first order on fiverr after spending $15 on featuring. But after that I use to get them very frequently (5 orders a week on average) you see your luck also plays a vital role. The Gigs that worked really well for me was the Photoshop editing and the intro making gigs. Other Gigs like providing back links, SEO optimization failed completely on

But if the service you are providing is an easy one and do not require a lot of skills then you will see that you are not the only one providing those services there will be thousand more people who are already providing the same service. And unfortunately for you they are having a upper hand as they are older and has got a lot of positive reviews and recommendations. Such a Gig will have a very few chances of succeeding on But due to increased competition in such Gigs, lowering the price a bit can get you priority back. That is where works better than I will be completely Honest, the gig, on which I got no orders even after a month of featuring on On the same gig I got two orders on on the same day I posted the gig on with spending and dollars on featuring. (It was an Advertising gig)

Then third comes the real value of your gig, the expenditure and profit margins. If your work requires a lot of hard work or have a expenditure in performing the job before delivering it, In such cases to do it for $5 is just not worth it. (Example of such high value gigs are- getting photographs of a particular area or on a particular theme, this includes fuel cost OR precise and deep research on a topic, this includes electricity cost and requires a lot of time etc.
 Although you can increase the value of the gig by adding gig extras but for this you should be at a certain level in you can not add gig extras the moment you join. Now this is where websites like is useful. They do not have any fixed value of gigs, you can set the price according to you. Although these websites has less popularity but for big micro jobs they work. (At least you can give it a try, its free after all). UPDATE: Now the popular has also changed their fixed value of $4. Now you can also set value according to you in from $4 to $25. Here you see has an upper hand over

At last here are few benefits which
1. has-
·        High reputations
·        $5 per Gig
·        More professional

2. has-
·        The new Fourerr points system (You can read more about it on their website)
·        All features already available at the moment you join. (In many useful features like gig extras unlock after you level up)
·        Good response on high competition gigs.

At last I want to say that both websites (Fiverr and Fourerr) are best in their own way. I hope now you can decide which one is best for you. Best of luck and I hope you get a lot sales. If you have any questions you can leave them in comment section below. Thank you.


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  2. for me fiverr is just the best, because along time, you will definitely make continues cash not only at the starting point... but subsequently, cash begins coming in...
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