General online jobs scams and 10 useful methods on how to identify and avoid them

There is a bitter truth i.e. Internet is more flooded with scams rather than real opportunities and it is really easy to fell for these scams and get both time and money wasted. There are lot of different types of scams and fake sites which provide very attractive schemes in really attractive way that we ultimately ends up falling prey for them. But do not worry here are some tips that is worth reading and will guide and aware you of many such scams and how to avoid and identify them.

1. Never every pay a dime to sign up for any website which are
providing any kind of Job online. Always remember when you work on a site, the site also earn profit as you work, so if a website is genuine it will readily welcome you to work there. (There may be qualification requirement, to assure quality of service. But they will never ask for money) As more people work with them, more profit they earn. So websites asking you to pay registration fees or to buy a working kit from them are mostly scams and fake.

2. The website of the company providing job should be well established. There should present their contact information, information about their head offices and social media profile of the head person. The company should exist properly not only virtually on internet.

3. Always Google search for reviews of the website which you are willing to join. Make sure the reviews are from real people as there are many paid reviews which can provide fake information and mislead you.

4. Look for the payment proofs from the website.

5. If you are willing to join an Ad network (to monetize your website) make sure you monitor your stats of earning after joining the network for few days to make sure they are paying the promised rates.

6. Look for the review of the Ad network.

7. Don’t believe any online lotteries and there are no “Money lending” on internet. Websites may ask you to send your money to them and they will use it in giving loans and will pay you interest. Never believe such things.

8. Make sure you never give so many details at the stage of registration. Like address, credit card number, id proofs etc.

9. Many fake sites are made just to obtain your Email address and then they will spam your Email with product promotions.

10. I have tried many jobs and Ad networks, do if you seems something fishy about a website, you can always contact me and I will give you all the details about the website. (You can contact me from HERE)

Internet is a great place. You just have to be careful and avoid being caught by the predators. If you have got any questions, please leave a comment in comment section below! Leave your feedback in comment section below!

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