Google Adsense V/S Google Adsense alternatives. Real Adsense Alternatives.

(Note- The article is targeted to general audience and beginner bloggers, please read the complete article)
The most effective and well known way of monetizing a blog is by Google Adsense. Google Adsense is no doubt the God of the online advertising and is the most supreme, premium and high quality network. But it is not at all easy to get approved for Adsense. They have a long list of requirements and hurdles which you must fulfill. And their quality Assurance is really strict. Well, this is expected from the world largest Internet Company. Now why do we need to switch to Alternatives Ad networks? The main reasons are either your website is not yet ready to
qualify for Adsense Or you you’re your account terminated due to some problems. But the fact is does these alternative Ad networks are even worth of calling Alternatives for Adsense. Generally, an alternative is something which when replaced by the real deal, serves the same purpose. You will find a lot of articles websites telling you the google Adsense alternatives available online. There is a long list you can find and most popular alternatives you will find in every list are- Clicksor, Infolinks, Bidvitiser, chitika etc. You will also find general details about them everywhere but in this article I am going to show you the contrast between Adsense and Adsense alternatives and which are the real alternatives.

Now let me share my experience. As an experiment I have used both Adsense and other Ad networks (which includes- Infolinks, Clicksor, Chitika, infinityAds) together (not ALL at the same time though, few together and remaining together) on one of my other blog. Now during those days the stats of that blog was something like this-
Daily pages view- around 3000
Daily unique visitors- around 200
These are really low pages view but that was quite okay for me as the blog was not very old at that time and I was not putting in a lot of efforts. Anyways, so the earning stats I found on the so called Adsense alternatives seriously made me laugh.
So at a position where I was making around $3 daily on Adsense, The (daily) earnings on other Ad networks was as follows-

Clicksor- $0.05 – $0.1

Infolinks- $0.1 (approximately)

Chitika- $0.00 (Yes completely “0”. I was really shocked. I don’t know may be there was some fault from my site, but I do not think so)

InfinityAds- $0.3 (I was surprised as InfinityAds Is smaller Ad network then all the 3 networks mentioned above)

None of them was even around Adsense.

All the ads were on the same website all Ads were equally visible. You can see the real difference I was talking about.
Moreover their Ad inventory is really poor and it also gives the blog an unprofessional look (my personal thought)

Final conclusion-

I am not discouraging anyone to use these Ad network but I am just showing a picture of reality. You surely cannot rely on these other alternatives as much you can do on Adsense at lest at present (they may improve in future). I am not denying the fact that these Ad networks may work really really great for you. But if you are just a beginner then chances are less. Of course you can use them in the initial stages when you are still working to improve your blog, as something is always better then nothing. But just working hard to increase your earning on these networks is not worth it.
Now the Ad networks you should choose if you are blog is just a small plant (daily traffic less then 1000) right now should be the one whose payouts are low i.e. $5 to $20. Because if you use Ad networks like clicksor whose minimum threshold is $50, it may take you a long to reach there and sometimes can be discouraging (of course you can reach fast if you are continuously improving tour blog). 

One such Ad network I recommend is InfinityAds. Their pay rates are really good (as already mentioned above) and the minimum threshold is just $5.

Also include Infolinks as it does not take space on your website and provides intext advertising so it also worth including it.
If you have got more Ad space left then you can also include clicksor and chitika for long run. (but I would not recommend that as blog with lots of Ads are difficult to explore)

You can search “Tech & Online stuff” for reviews of many Ad networks.
I am saying it again, this I my personal experience and a general post your experience may largely differ
If you have got any questions, leave a comment in comment section below. Leave your feedback in comment section.


  1. Actually, I have tried all of them as Google Alternatives. But The truth is that no one compete with Adsense at all. For smaller blogs I would advise about:
    Amazon Display ads : one of LOW CPM ad network.
    Bidvertisor and Clicksor: serve low-quality ads, so your site may be flagged as malicious.
    Viglink, Skimlinks, Infolinks, Chitika: Low rates. Infolinks makes blogs look too busy when they use the inframe and infold ads.

    RevenueHits is a SPAM ad networks. You can check it's reputation on the internet....

    Adversal, Adsoptimal, Media[.]net are still BEST high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog. They have better designs, which provides better result next to AdSense.

    From my experience, I would like to say, don’t limit yourself to any one AD NETWORK. Try other ad networks and see which one work the best with your micro-niche blog. Since you are trying micro-niche blog, try monetizing with affiliate products. I would recommend to you & for others to try more network, and figure out which one is working best for their blog type.

  2. have tried Google Adense several times with different websites, blogs and changing contents. All the time they have rejected without a reason. Looking at Google search I have tried alternatives which was mentioned in this post. No use, from Infolinks I just earned 6 cents after one month. Unless the ads displayed are very attractive and good, no body will click, Most of the times, infolinks popup ad, people cut them as it is disturbing.
    So finally it is very difficult to earn single cent through internet. All are cheating and bogus.

    Ashley Jones


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