How to change Blogger Template/ apply a new Template (The one you are downloaded from Internet) with Pictures!

The blog templates on Blogger are really good and simple but the thing is that have not been updated since the day they were introduced. From the default Blog templates which are provided by Blogger (Blogspot) we have very limited choice but there a lot of new custom templates available on Internet from which we can choose. These new custom templates are not only more attractive but also helps in making the blog more user friendly and hence more traffic.
Blogspot is totally comfortable with any new template you apply and it is really easy to apply that-

Here is how to-

1. Download the template you want to apply. Or if you have not chosen any template by now then
you can just search on google for “Blogger Template” and you will get many websites providing very good blogger templates. (You can more precise your search for particulary for your blog, for example if you are having a blog on Environment then you can search “Blogger templates for Environment”) Once you have chosen your template, download it to you PC (OR any system you are using)

2. A .zip file will be downloaded to your PC. Extract the .zip file and you will get a folder containing a folder of your template.

3. Next step is to Log in to your blogger account. Select the Blog on which you want to apply the template. On the Left side bar (where all the options like Overview, posts, pages, stats etc.. are available) Select Option “Template”

4. Then on top right screen you will see an option “Backup/Restore” click on that.

5. You will be provided with two options. First is to Backup your current template (It not only includes your template but also the changes you have made to it) Select “Download full template” An XML file will be downloaded on your PC. Now you have a backup of your current template in case you want to go back to it.

6. Now select “choose file” and locate the folder which we have got after extracting the .zip file (step 2). In that folder there will be few files. We just need the one which have .XML extension others are useless (they just have links the website from which you have download template, some promotions etc.) Select the XML file and upload it.

7. Congratulations! You are done. The new template has been applied to your blog. You can customize it using “customize” button in the “template” option.

In case you want to go back to you Old template, for that just upload the backup file again in the same way. 
If you have any questions, leave a comment in the comment section below. Leave you feedback in comments!

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