How to find song or music used in a Youtube video

Many of the tutorials and “How to” video on Youtube contains really good music. Many of the songs in my Music play list are the one I hear in Youtube videos. But for all the videos in which you like the music, it is not easy to find out which song is it. But don’t worry, in this article I am going to tell you how to do the same.

Option 1- You may already have your answer in the video description.

(I know this one is really obvious) Read the video description. Many uploaders use Royalty free music i.e. They only have to give credit to the musician for the song and they can use the song for free. So they must include the song name and artist in the description. (Sometimes it is also at the end of the video)

Song name in video description

Option 2- Some uploaders use songs and music directly from Youtube’s audio swap library

In such a case it is relatively easy to determine the audio track. For that- Click the video statistics button available below the video player. There you will find all the details of the song or music like the song name, artist etc. But this works only when the audio track is from Youtube’s audio swap library.

Music from youtube library

Option 3- If you can understand what’s being sung.

If it is a song and you can understand few lines from the song or the lines being sung more often, like “It’s a beautiful life O O ooo” then but them in Google. Most probably you will find the song.

Did not found your music or song till now? Don’t worry, continue reading.

Option 4- May be you are not the only one searching for it.

If the song or music is really good then most likely other people also want to find it and most probably they have asked for the same in the comment section. Search the comment section for the comments like “What is the song used?” or “good music. What is the name?” You will find your answer. To search comments like this here is a trick-
  • . Click on “All comments” (below description box).
All comments

  •  A new page with all the comments will open. Now press “Ctrl + F” and your browser’s “find word” box will open. Type keywords like “song” “music” “intro” outro”
search keyword in find box

You may do not find any such comments due to new arrival or low popularity of video. But do not worry, you take the innititaive and post a comment asking your query.

If you are finding song used in an T.V. Commercial (or online video commercial) then most likely you will get the song by searching on Google. For example- search on Google like- “Song used in windows 8 TV Ad” (Yes you are right, I am talking about “every thing at once”)

Option 5- Help from social networking sites

If you are having a large followers on your Facebook, twitter or g+, You can ask from them if they know the song.

Option 6- Ask online!

You can take help of questions and answers sites like Yahoo answers (the best one) and wiki answers. Post your question there asking the name of song also Provide the ling to the video (Posting Youtube links is allowed in Yahoo answers). This process takes time but the results are mostly positive.

Option 7- Ask straight forward!

Sometimes the song or music is extremely rare and you did not get any clue about it from the above specified methods, In such a case you can send a message to uploader of the video asking about the music or the song. Most people will reply you back and will get your music. But be sure to subscribe to them after that. I have used this method a lot to know about soundtracks used in most Gaming videos and intros and outros. Note- If the uploader is a big Youtuber or a popular youtube channel then use their fan pages instead of messaging.

By now I am 99% sure that you have got your music. What? Still didn’t fount it then you can download the video, extract audio from it and listen to it till then you find it.

Hope it helps you to get you your music if you know more methods of finding please share in the comment section! also please leave your feedback in the comment section.

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