How to find the template/theme of a blog or template/theme used by a blog (With pictures)

These days there are a lot of blogs on a Internet and so the custom templates. Custom templates are more attractive and user friendly then the default templates provided by blogspot. The good thing is most of these custom templates are free on internet. So if you come across a blog whose template you like and want to have for your blog, then do not worry, you can use the template with out any problem. You do not need to take permission from the blog owner as the template is a free template. In case of paid template you need to ask permission from the template maker. So here how to find which template a blog is having and is it a free template or a paid template.

1. Open the blog of which you liked the template. (Google chrome recommended)

2. Right click on the blog on any free space. And select “View page source”. If right click is disabled on the site just press Ctrl+U on your keyboard.

3. A new tab will open with a lot of codes. Don’t worry we have nothing to do with all those codes.

4. On the source code page press CTRL + F in your browser. “Find word” box will open.

5. Type “template” in it. And check the first few marking.

6. You will find your information in a separate box like this-

7. Here you can see, all the details of the template are provided, along with the URLs where you cab download the template. The template is a free template as specified in the License.

8. Some time no URLs for download are provided, in such case simply search the name of template along with the author name in Google and you will get your template.

To know how to apply a custom template to a blogspot blog, read- How to change Blogger Template/ apply a new Template (The one you are downloaded from Internet) with Pictures!
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