How to open ports in TP-Link Wi-fi routers. with pictures (Port forwarding in TP-Link Wi-fi routers.)

You need to open ports for various online activities to work. Most of the modems (simple Ethernet cable modems with no wireless) have all the ports open but that’s not the case if you have got  Wi-fi routers. You need to open a particular port manually for a particular activity. Most popular such activity, for which port forwarding is required, is for “multiplayer gaming”. There is different procedures of port forwarding for all the routers (some may have same).
Here is a step by step guide with pictures for TP-Link routers –

1.    Open any web browser and go to url-
2.    You will ask for Authentication. Type in “admin” in both, user name and password fields. (It is as “admin” by default, but if you have changed
earlier then type in new one.)

3.    On the left side you have all the options. Select “Forwarding” and in sub menu, select “Virtual servers”

4.    Click on “add new…”

5.    Now open Command Prompt (for that, click on windows start button>open “run”>type in “cmd” and press enter.
6.    In command prompt, type “ipconfig” and press enter.
7.    Just note down the “ipv4 address” and “Default Gateway”

8.    Now come back to virtual servers page.
9.    Fill in the port you want to open in “service port” and “internal port” fields. (If you want to open a port range for e.g. 8080-8085, then you have to add separate entries for 8080, 8081, 8082, 9083, 8084, 8085)
10. In “Ip address” field type in the “ipv4 address” we noted in step 7.
11. Select protocol “TCP”
12. Do not select anything in “common service port”
Now Save it and add a duplicate but this time with “protocol” set as “UDP”
Save that too.
That’s all you are done.
Here is an example with ports 28960 and 28961 opened.

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