How to get private Advertisement for your blog easily using Micro Job websites

If you are having a blog with decent amount of traffic, the best way to earn from it is from ADVERTISEMENTS. Now these Advertisements can be from any source. It can be from some Ad network for which you have signed up or can be a direct contract between you and the advertiser (which is actually called private advertisements). When we think of ad networks the only big name comes to our mind is Google Adsense. All this seems really simple. Making a blog, Signing up for Adsense and having money coming in. But actually it is not. It requires a lot of hard work for even getting approved for Google Adsense. And payout rates of other Ad networks available are really low. Yes there are websites like “buysellads,com” which is direct place to get advertiser but getting advertisers from there also need a big chunk of
traffic. I am not discouraging anyone from starting a blogging career. Instead this article is just to help you make some bucks from your blog from initial stage while you are still working on it to make it big.

Now suppose you have been blogging scince one or two months and you are getting a decent amount of visitors, say a 1000 pages view per day but not that good traffic by which you can make big bucks on adsense or Advertisers approaching you themselves. Or for some reason your blog is not getting approval for adsense and other Ad networks payouts are really low. At this point you can use micro job websites to sell Advertisement space on your blog and make some easy cash.

Now first let me brief you about what Micro Jobs websites are. These websites are actually work place where people offer small tasks they can do for some amount of money, (for eg. $4 or $5) and you can hire them to do that work for you. These tasks that people offers are referred as “Gigs”. Some example Gigs are like- doing Photoshop editing, making small intro videos etc. But these Micro Job websites can also be use to sell Advertising space on your blog and it is really efficient. Next I will tell you how to do it in most efficient manner.

First of all decide the place on you blog you want to use for advertising. It can be a side bar Rectangle or Top most leader board or an in post space. Then decide a price for duration of time according to amount and quality of traffic on your blog.
Like I use to sell a 300 X 250 sidebar rectangle for $5 for two weeks when my blog’s Pages views was around 1000 per day.
After that signup for a micro job website which fits best according to the rates you decided. (For e.g. if you have decided a rate of $5 then you can use Or if you have decided a rate of $10 then you can use

All micro jobs websites are free to signup.
After you have completed signing up, you have to make a gig for selling Advertisement space.

For that click on “Create a gig”.
Now a Gig contains following fields-

1. Title- This usually is one sentence explaining the work you are offering.

In our case this is going to be-
“I WILL place your Advertisement on my blog for (the duration you have decided, say two weeks or a month) for $(according to the micro job website you have chosen, $5, $10 etc.)

2. Description- This is actually a wide and clear description about the work you are providing.

In our case it has to be a good description about your blog, like on which topic is your blog about. The amount of traffic you are getting on your blog. The Ad places which are available. Benefits of advertising on your blog. Which type of Advertisements you accept and what are the various Ad sizes available.

3. Instructions to buyer- Tell the buyer the materials you need from their side to start working on the gig.

For us it will be asking the buyer to send is Advertisement banner In the format you specified like image or flash (if allowed) and the link to their website which they want to promote

Fourth will be uploading images related to the gig. You can upload image of your blog, the place where Ad will be displayed etc.
Next you have to choose the Maximum time in which you will complete the order.
Note carefully, this is not the duration of displaying the Ad (two weeks etc) It Is the time you need to put the Ad on your blog(Uploading the Ad etc). Keep it low like one or two days at max.
You can also add gig extras if you want like- “I will extend duration of Ad for 1 week for additional $5.” But this is not compulsory field. It’s up to you to add it or not.
Now just submit your gig and it will be approved after a short while.
Make sure you do not remove the Ad before the specified duration. If you do so this will be considered as cheating and will lead a bad impression.
For first few orders you can offer advertisers to make Ad for them for free.
This method really worked great for me in my initial stages of blogging. Hope it works even better for you. Best of luck. If you have any questions please leave them in comment section below.

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