How to Upload and Embed .Swf Flash files/Flash Content in a blogger blog. In sidebars, as a widget or In Post.

      Flash animations are really cool and attractive. You may have seen Flash Ads running in some blogs. Flash content gives a cutting edge to your blog and make it more attractive. But in blogspot you can not upload Flash content directly as a gadget. Here is a tutorial on how you can add Flash content (.swf files) on your blog as gadget or in between posts.

This includes only few simple steps-

1. Create your Flash file. You can use free softwares like- Aleosoft Flash Banner Maker Or you can choose from internet from an online flash content gallery (Make
sure the Flash content is copyrights free or add necessary credits if required). If you already have your Flash file then proceed to step two.

2. Upload you flash file on a free flash file hosting websites like- Megaswf OR Swfcabin

3. Get the URL of your uploaded file.

4. Now paste the URL of your flash content, the required height and width in the window below (CLICK THE LINK-SWF FILE CODE GENERATOR FOR BLOGGER) and click on “Generate code” button.

5. You can use the generated code anywhere on your blog where you want to display the flash content.

6. If you want to put the flash content in a sidebar as a gadget then- In your blogger dashboard, Open layout and select “Add a gadget” (in the sidebar where you want to add the Flash) and select “HTML code” Put the generated code in to window and save. And you are done!

7. If you want to add the flash content in between post then- In the post editor, put the cursor where you want to add the Flash. Now select “HTML view” and paste the generated code and save. You are done.
After you have completed it will look like this. In the example i have taken the X-mas Flash image.

Note-Flash content needs flash players in order to work, but not all devices support flash players. So mostly use  flash content for attraction and decorative purposes, never put main content in FLASH)

So isn't it simple and amazing. Please leave your questions and feedbacks in comment section below. Share this article, Like on Facebook!

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