List of real, Genuine and Highest paying Data entry, Typing jobs/work Online (On Internet)

The next two minutes you spend reading this article will save you a lot of time and save you from a lot of scams. (For more about online jobs scam read- General online jobs scams and 10 useful methods on how to identify and avoid them)
The best way to make few bucks online without out much hazels and trouble is the Data entry jobs. In Data entry jobs you just need to do some typing work for which you get paid. These include typing work which only a Human can do or which cannot be done using any softwares. Data entry jobs are also best because it does not
require any skills, qualifications and equipments. All you need is a basic computer, a decent internet connection and basic command on the language (in most cases, English) and a decent typing speed (which every person has who use computes)
But here comes the problem, the easy this jobs the more difficult is to find one. Yes that’s true. There is not direct way or website available from where you get the assignment, you type it and submit it and you get paid. And the few such direct websites available has really low payouts that it is not worth at all to work for them even in free time.

But I have researched a lot and listed out the top methods to by which you can get real, genuine and high paying Data entry jobs.

First- Using micro jobs website.

There are a lot of people which use micro jobs website to get soft copies (typed in MS word) of their scanned or hand written documents. The work is really simple, you post you gig, buyer will order and provide you with scanned images of the documents, You type it and send them soft copy back and get money in your account. The benefit of this is that you get a decent amount ($5, $4 etc depending on the micro job website you have used) and have got a proper work. But the little problem is that there are more people providing such services than buyers. You can see yourself by typing “data entry” in fiverr gig search

But don’t worry here are few methods which will help your service to become popular-

1. keep the title and description of gig attractive and appealing.

2. Give a little extra- If the most rated seller is providing 10 pages per gig, you provide 20 per gig. You can reduce it once you start getting buyers and rating higher.

3. Fastest is first- Try to keep the days in which you will complete the work low, this attract the buyers and help you to get more orders.

4. If you can, spend some money on featuring your gig. As sometimes the buyer who wants to buy a gig same as you are providing is not able to reach your gig due to lack of visibility as there are lot of gigs.

You have to provide quality service in low rates initially, once people start recognizing your work you can increase price eventually.

This is the most effective way I have figured out and it has really worked well for me. But a little drawback is you can not work any time you want as you can work only after receiving an order. And when you will receive and order is not in your hand. But don’t worry we have a lot more opportunities, keep reading-

Second- HITS

HITs (Human intelligence tasks) as understood from the name itself are the tasks which only a Human can do. These tasks also involve Data entry and typing jobs.

There are many websites which provide these services and people who work on these HITs are people on the internet. (Often referred as workers). Workings on these sites are easy. The sign up procedures are simple like any other email sign up, you have to provide your name, email address, and password etc. and you are ready to start. You can find a lot of HITs based on your qualification (Qualification here means nothing else but the good and positive rating you have from the people on whos HITs you work on) The most common jobs you can find is extracting information from image. For example the requester will take pictures of all the bills he get from all different stores and for any purpose he needs to create a systemize data of all the different items. So for that purpose he will upload all the pictures of the bills and ask the workers to extract the following information. You see the work is so simple but only a Human can do that. For every HITs you complete you get the amount specified.

Now the websites which provide these HITs are-

1. Amazon Mturk

Yes Mturk is owned by Amazon. You know the standard of Amazon so there is no doubt about geniuinity of the Mturk.

You can sign up for Mturk from HERE.

2. Clickworker
Clickworker is another such website. This one is also very good and legitimate. You can sign up for clickworker from HERE

Third- Onlline captcha solving

Can you solve this?


Of course you can and I am sure you have solved them before also while signing up for different websites for example Gmail. These are call CAPTCHAs (an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") as understood from the name these are filling activities which only an Human can do. Most commonly these involves interpreting text from an image and typing it in a text field. Some basic questions like – select the odd one out. Options- cat, dog, helicopter. Etc.
In our third Data entry job you have to do the same. Many websites pay just for solving these CAPTHAs. You get some money for solving per 1000 such CAPTCHAs. And the best part is you can work anytime you want and as much you want. Different websites pay different rates. But as you can see there is no limitation to work so signing up for the best such sites is enough. Now comes the question, which website is the best? Do not worry I have done the hard part of finding the one which has best rates. And it is-
Most legitimate site for the purpose. Easy sign up. Highest rates. There rates differ every hour so you can check the hour which have the highest rate from the statistics tab on
Minimum payout is low i.e. $3. And they pay their users on time.
Join Megatypers.
Note you need an mandatory invitation code at the time of sign up.

So these are the real, Genuine and Highest paying Data entry Jobs I have found after a lot of research and trials. If you know any other way for such jobs please share with us in the comment section below. If you have any questions you can leave them in comment section below.


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