Preparations you must do before start blogging to increase the success rate.

If you are planning to start pro blogging then you should know blogging is really good thing but it’s not really and easy task. It not an easy task when you are not prepared for it in a right manner. It should not be like, one fine day thought of blogging comes to your mind and at the same day you created your blog, posted few articles as they come into your mind and the next day you expect to see your blog on the top. Probably you will end up getting frustrated and quitting.
That is only because you were not well prepared for it. So here are the preparations you must do before you start your blog-

1. Choose your niche carefully and think upon it wisely.

Niche is basically the topic of your blog. A broad topic, on which you will write in your blog. Its really important to choose a niche on which you are well informed not the one which is popular. Think carefully that do you actually know enough about the topic that you provide good quality content on it or you are having just a basic knowledge about the topic.

2.    CHECK if you can really provide good content on the topic you chose.

After choosing the topic check what is your source of content. For that write at least “ten” articles (just write in MS word for yourself) and check, is the content really unique and useful to readers or you were just dependent on copying and pasting stuff from other websites. Reading from a website and reproducing it in your own words is also the same. Of course you can share something you find helpful on the other website, but complete reproduction of it with your own name is not appreciated. Check, can you really provide something extra to your readers which give you are cutting edge over the others. Success rate is low if you are planning to provide the same content which is flooding on the internet. (Just check the quality of your content, do not worry about language and writing skills, it will get improved eventually as you keep working)

3. Do not make “Earning money” you’re your prime motivation.

You must have seen people earning big time from their blogs and may they are the motivation for you. But remember one thing that what ever they are earning is a result of their hard work for a long period. Yes this period can be really long (1year, 2 years or 5 years). So, if your main motive is to earn money then blogging is not really a cup of your tea. Of course you can earn from your blog but that comes only after you have a well built successful blog. Money is actually just a reward of your hard work.

4.    Increasing traffic and improving your blog should be your aim.

Success of a blog is measured by the amount of traffic on the blog. Your main focus should be on that. And the only way of doing that is working on your content. There are several other techniques like SEO and back links which helps in increasing your traffic but these all comes afterwards. Your content has the major role in your traffic. You should never compromise with the quality of content.

5.    Go for Quality not for Quantity.

The content on your blog should not be just for sake of increasing posts, it should be something your audience like. The “one” well written, informative and useful article you write will help you more in building your audience then the “ten” poor and low quality articles you could have written in place of that “one”

6.    Prepare yourself mentally.

Preparing yourself mentally is really important. You should understand this well that nothing can be achieved over night and there is not fix duration in which you will achieve your target. You main focus should be on just improving your blog continuously. Prepare yourself “failure” and never stop trying. In blogging, there are no algorithms for success, even after a lot of hard work you may have to face failure and that moment can be discouraging and disappointing. But never lose hope and always have faith in your self.

7.    Research and prepare your blog technically.

By this I mean you should not just make a blog and start posting in it. You should first work on elements like-on which platform your blog is going to be. (Like blogger, wordpress or a personally hosted blog, I will recommend going for blogger or wordpress if you are a beginner) template of your blog. (Selecting the best suited template at the time of start up if helpful because If you do it in mid way it affects search engine ranking.) (Also read- How to change Blogger Template/ apply a new Template (The one you are downloaded from Internet) with Pictures!) (Also read- How to find the template/theme of a blog or template/theme used by a blog (With pictures))  Make you blog look professional by adding pages like, about us, contact us etc. Learn basics on operating blog, like post editing, arranging elements on your blog etc. After you have all set up, start posting your content.

So now well prepared to start a blog and make it successful. Hard work is necessary so keep working on your blog regularly and keep providing content regularly. We wish you best of luck. Please share your experience or if you have more useful techniques in comment section below and leave your feedback there too.

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