Top 10 Real, Genuine, Highest Paying Online Jobs/ways to Make Money Online

 Working from the comfort of the home is everyone’s desire. And working Online is the one way to fulfill it. Internet is a big, or I should say biggest marketplace. From Social network to music and videos Internet is also a place where you can earn money. It has jobs for both kind of people, the one want to make a full time living from the internet and the others who just want to make some extra bucks online. But the big problem is that this big market place (Internet) is more flooded with scams and fake opportunities then real and genuine opportunities. (Read more about general online job scams)
But do not worry you are at the right place. In this article I am going to tell you what are the real and genuine top works which are available on Internet for both, the one who want to earn big time or the one just want to make few bucks on the internet. I have made the list provided below after a long research and lot of trials of different opportunities available online. And after 2 years I know all the works which actually does pay. So now lest get started-

1.    From your online content.

If you are having a good writing and typing skills and have something useful to share with people then it can be a money opportunity for you. If you can build a good audience i.e. receiving a good amount of traffic than you can convert it into some good money. It works in the same way as a T.V. channel. You get to watch T.V. shows and in between they also show you commercials. The T.V channel gets paid for showing these commercials. If you are receiving a good traffic (large audience) which like your content on your website than you can use your website as a market place. You can also promote stuff as advertisements and other promotional methods on your website and get paid for it. There are lots of companies which provide these Ads to show on your online content. The most dominant is “Google”. Of all the online promotional and advertising business, Google dominates 70% of it. But many other Ad networks are available there apart from Google.

But this way of earning online requires a lot of patience, dedication and hard work. As building a large Audience is not an easy task. But if you just want to make some quick bucks on the internet, then you will like the following methods more.

2.    From your Online video content (Youtube)

If you are a creative person, like making videos on a topic or you keep getting fantastic ideas for really good videos. Then sharing your videos publicly on Youtube can really help you to get big bucks.

You can make videos like-

· Tutorials.

· Reviews

· If you are an animator, then you can post your animations.

· Vlogs (Video blog) it’s simply recording your content in a video instead of witting.

· Music covers videos.

NOTE- All your content should be yours. You can not post copyrighted materials, In such case either your video will be removed or the earning from it will be credited to actual owner.

3.    Selling your products online.

If you are having a business or a stream of product you sell. You can have an online shop for your products which works as good as any real shop do. There are lots of websites on which you can upload information about your product, get buyers and ship the item once you have received payment. One such website is (I know this is not a general method and almost everyone know about, but it is a method after all. But the next method is similar to this one but is a general method)

4.    Through Affiliate Marketing.

This is another highest earning opportunity but its bit difficult online job for a beginner. Its basically selling and promoting someone else products and you will get commission for every sign up or product you sell. There are lots of Affiliate programs available where you can sign up as an affiliate and start working.
If you are having a big social network then this job is for you. As this job requires reaching a lot of people.
The best Affiliate programs which worked best for me are- 

5.    Micro Jobs.

If you do not want to be a full time internet worker and just want to earn some good bucks from your skills then micro jobs are best for you. You know people use Micro jobs website to hire people for performing some task and the seller (who is providing the service) get paid after completing the work. The example of services you can provide are- Photoshop editing, removing background, promoting stuff, logo making etc. The concept is really simple-

· You sign up for a Micro job website.

· Provide a service (referred as gigs) you will like to do for some dollars (depends upon the micro job website you choose)

· The buyers order the gig and provide you the work.

· After completing of order you get paid in your account.

The top micro job websites are-

You can sign up for from HERE.

You can sign up for from HERE.

6.    Data entry and Typing Jobs.

If you want just a straight forward work, which do not require much skill and efforts and which can be dome anytime you want, then data entry Jobs are best for you. But the bad point about such jobs is there are not a lot of such jobs available. The most popular Data entry job is to work on HITs. HITs (Human intelligence tasks) as understood from the name itself are the tasks which only a Human can do. These tasks also involve Data entry and typing jobs.

The most popular website which provides these HITs is Amazon Mturk. Yes Mturk is owned by Amazon. You know the standard of Amazon so there is no doubt about genuinity of the Mturk.

You can sign up for Mturk from HERE.

For more information on Mturk read-

Apart from Mturk the other reputated network is

7.    Sharing Links on internet and Social Media.

If you do not want to spend your free time in typing data and just want to earn from a system that’s need to be set up once, Then you will surely like “Get paid to Shrink Link sites”. These are just regular Link shrinking sites with a twist. The every link you shrink you get a new short URL. You have to share this short URL. What will happen is when the short link is clicked, before redirecting to actual URL a short 5 seconds Ad is displayed. You get paid every time these links are being clicked. You can shrink any link, for example you found this article on tech & online stuff interesting and you want it share it with your friends, then instead on sharing direct link, just shrink It using (one such website) and then share.

Best “Get paid to Shrink Link sites”-

1. is the best site for the purpose and are serving their user for more than 5 years. Their payout rates are the highest and minimum payout is low i.e. $5 only. They pay on time.
Join from HERE.

2. is also a good site. Join from HERE

8.    PTC sites.

PTC (Paid to click) sites are the easiest work available online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. There are no skills or hard work require. All you have to do is view Advertisements and you get paid some cents for every Advertisement you watch. It works in a simple way. Advertisers pay these sites to promote their products and you get paid to watch these advertisements. Advertisers use these sites to make sure that the information about their product is reaching the audience. You can start work from the moment you join. There are a lot of PTC sites available on Internet but only few are good. Do not worry we have found the best ones. You can work on them till we are finding more.

· (the best once)
Easy to use interface, Higest paying Ads. You will get higher membership as you keep working with them. You can JOIN CLICXSENSE FROM HERE.

Easy user interface. As good as YOU CAN JOIN NEOBUX FROM HERE.

9.    Online paid surveys.

The concept is really simple. You help product manufacture to improve upon their quality and sales and you get paid for it. And surveying online is the more efficient way because it is reachable to more people than offline surveying. The job is simple. You have to sign up for an online survey site. And you get surveys directly to your Email every day. Just fill in those surveys and your account will be rewarded with some money, generally between $0.5 to $2 (Sometimes even higher) once you reach the minimum payout you can withdraw you’re earning. You can manage your earning on the survey website itself.

But it’s really important to complete you profile during sign up, fill up every detail, otherwise you will get random surveys for which you do not qualify and then you can participate in that surveys and hence you miss the reward. But if your profile is complete, then you will get surveys best for you.

Best online survey sites-

· OR (specifically for India)


· Even there are some Smart phone apps by which you can participate in surveys- ipinion

. Even PTC sites are providing surveys. Join Clixsense (If you already have an accounts for Ads then you can use same account for surveys also)

10. Miscellaneous.

Complete miscellaneous tasks available online, these tasks includes- free sign up for a website, writing a review, using softwares for trial etc.
There are a lot of websites which provides such tasks; the best two of them are-




While surfing online, if you find a website/blog on which you think you can write really good content related to topic of that website, then look for “guest post” or “write for us section” on that blog and you can contact the owner if he/she wants to heir you.

So these are the top real and genuine works available online. If you know any other such job, please share with in the comments. If you have any questions you can leave in comment section below. Leave your feed back in comment section. If you want detailed info or want to talk about any of the above methods then you can contact me from HERE

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