All types of advertisements for your blog!

Advertisements are one of the best ways to make some bucks online and online advertising is growing every day. With the rapid growth in the online advertising industry the competition between the online advertising companies are increasing too. Not only the competition, are these online advertising agencies increasing too. As a result, new and various types of advertisements are now available, from which advertisers and publishers can choose. In this article i am going to tell you about all types of online advertisements which are available. So, you can choose the one which suits your blog best.

 1. Banner Advertisements.

Banner advertisements are the most classic advertisements. You have to make a space on your website according to the banner size you want to display and then place the Ad code there. Banner advertisements are mostly CPC and CPM. And most of the time you can you can choose the banner size.
Some popular banner advertising services are-
1. Google Adsense. 
(Also Read- Google Adsense V/S Google Adsense ALTERNATIVES)
2. Yahoo Bing Publishers Network.
3. Tribal Fusion
4. Chitika

2. In-Text Advertisements.

These Ads do not occupy any space on your website. They convert some non-hyperlink text (a word or a phase) in your content in to hyperlinks to the advertiser’s website. When ever someone moves the cursor over the text which has been used for advertising, a small pop-up will open, giving an overview about the advertiser’s product. These advertising links can be easily distinguished with your Links as the advertised text get a “double underline” with the color you choose. 
Some popular In-text advertising services are-
1. Infolinks
2. clicksor
3. infinityads
(Also read- $5 minimum payout Ad-network: InfinityAds review with payment proof.)

3. Pop-up and pop-under Advertisements.

Instead of occupying a space or converting some text to hyperlinks, pop-up ads, as the name suggests, use pop-up windows to show Advertisements. There is no trigger like clik to active the Ad, the Ad will be shown each time someone visits your blog in a pop-up window, users can close the Ad but this will not affect any of the other web pages opened. You can choose from full page pop-up Ads to small pop-under Ads.

Some popular pop-up and pop-under advertising services are-
1. Clicksor
2. popads
3. popcash 

4. On click advertisements.

These Advertisements are same as pop-up advertisements but the only difference is that these ads get triggered when someone clicks anywhere on your website for the first time during each session and the ads will be shown in a new window opened in visitor’s browser. These Ads are very high paying as full pages of advertisers are shown.

“on click ads” is one of the popular on click advertising service.

5. Monetize your links.

You can use links on your website as advertisements using link shortening services. This works on a simple mechanism- You shorten a link using the link shortening website, places the link on your blog, now whenever some one click on the short link, a small advertisement will be displayed before the visitor is directed to actual link. Visitor can skip the Ad after 5 seconds. is the most popular link shorten advertising service. is operating for more than 5 years. 
(Also read- review and tutorial with payment proof)

Some more link shortner websites you can use-

I have not included "Direct Advertisements" in the list as they are same as Banner Ads.

Share the post and leave your questions, suggestions and feedbacks in the comment section below. Also share any new type of Ads available we have missed out.

How to easily disable WhatsApp Read receipts BLUE TICKS

In the last update of WhatsApp, developers added a new feature in the application. Now, with added feature, not only we get to know if our message has reached the person or not, but now we get to know if the person has red our message. If the person has red the message we will see two blue ticks next to the message. This was the feature which many users requested, actually demanded and here we have it. Though many users like the feature but still there are some who found it annoying. By this time, the

WiFi Routers are not so healthy all the time. MUST READ

Wireless WiFi routers help us connect to internet no matter where we are. We do not need to glue to the Ethernet cable for internet any more. Our phones, laptops, cameras, anything which has got the wi-fi connectivity get connected to internet. Today most of homes and work places have got these routers. It is becoming a basic need of today’s life. But have you ever think of the negative aspects of this technology? These wireless routers are harming you every time, weather you are connected to internet or not.

No matter on which floor or in which room of our home we are on, these wireless signals easily reaches us. Sometimes we can even detect our neighbor’s internet. If they can penetrate such thick walls, they can easily penetrate your entire body, in fact they are. They are penetrating your

Followers widget, gadget, box for blogger.

To grow your audience and to reach the larger audience you essentially need a followers list. Blogger allows its user to have a custom widget for people who likes to read your blog. You can see our Followers box in the right side bar. They can become followers of your blog by just clicking a button (Please click our follower button too :-). Follower’s receives update about your blog to their Google profiles and inform them about the latest happening in your blog. To get a “Followers widget” for your blogger blog is really simple.

To add Followers widget to your blogger blog-

1. Sign in to your Google account and open Blogger dashboard.

2. On the left had side, in the options panel select “Layout”

Use Google chrome as a media player to play broken, incomplete download and unsupported files.

Google chrome is definitely the best web browser out there. Chrome’s efficiency and simplicity makes it stand out from other web browsers. Many chrome users are still unaware of the full potential and features of it. One of the best features I like of the chrome is that Google chrome can also be used as a media player and it supports every video and audio format. Google chrome can also play those files which are not able to play even in VLC media player. Sometimes we get videos and audio files which have unknown (or no) file extensions or which are not encrypted properly or sometimes not downloaded completely. Most media players fail to play such type of files but chrome can play them all.

Here is how you can play broken or unsupported video and audio files using chrome-

Google Adsense PIN not received. Now what to do

As you may have already aware that Google sends you a PIN (Personal identification number) after you have crossed the threshold of $10, to verify that the home address you have provided is correct. You will not be paid until you verify your address but the problem is, in many areas Google PIN never reaches many publishers. Well, it is not a fault of Google; it is the problem we face due to bad postal services of our place.

You first PIN will be dispatched as soon as you cross the threshold of $10. But if you do not receive the PIN you can order additional two more PINs (you have to wait for at least two weeks before you can order another letter containing your PIN). But if the first PIN do not reach you, chances are the second and third one will also be undelivered.

What to do then.

You need not to worry. Firstly do not just keep waiting for the first PIN to come, order the second

Advantages and Disadvantages of professional blogging.

If you do blogging as a hobby not professionally for some aim or as a career then you need not be bother about the eye opening article below. Although it is advisable that you read it, if your thoughts ever changes in future.

Work from home is a great thing in itself. Today with rapid increase in growth of internet, online job opportunities are increasing as well. There is lots way to earn money online and all of them are sweet “Work from home stuff” but most popular of them these days is the sweet gum called “blogging”. Why I called blogging a sweet gum because it sweet at the beginning but may be hard to swallow at the later times and you may end up throwing it away. When we say the “advantages” of online work, particularly blogging, you do not need any one to explain that. It just looks like the most wonderful thing. On an overview blogging is been considered as process of three simple steps-

How to properly install Google analytics tracking code in your blog. (blogger, wordpress, personally hosted blog)

Google analytics is one of the best programs to track stats of your website. It takes not time sign up with them and the tracking is accurate. It also helps understanding your blog’s audience in a better way. Unlike your blogger stats, which only shows pages view, Google analytics gives you detailed information of your blog’s audience, like your daily visitors (Note visitors should not be confused with pages view, both are completely different. Visitors are the unique people who land on your blog. One singe visitor can read 10 pages on your blog, so pages view count will be 10 while visitor is just one.), Your daily unique visitors, average time spent on your blog, from which part of the world your visitors are from, what are the top keywords from which your blog is reached and many more.

Some people have a common misunderstanding that Google analytics is implemented by default on a blogger blog. It is not true; the statistics you get from blogger is from blogger itself not from Google analytics. It is very important to install the tracking code properly else you will not be able to track.

To install Google analytics on your blog is really simple.

First, you need to sign up for Google analytics from You can use your

Do a top level domain (.com, .net. org) have got more value over a free sub domain (

Are you a blogger? Just created the blog and want to move from "your" to "your blog.COM". Well, as you may have already known, there are two types of domain on internet.

1. Custom Top Level Domains, Which most of the website have. (.com, .net, org etc)

2. A free sub domain. This is used in the beginning by most people. ( etc.)

So why people upgrade to a TLD (Top Level Domain) from a sub domain? Does it add more value to their websites? Yes it does, may be because people believe it do. Confusing? Don’t worry, keep reading?

People believe that content on a website with TLD is more useful and more rich in quality then a website on a sub domain. But how true is that? Well,

Speakers making Humming and Buzzing Sounds (Hiss and Hum) noise. Realtek on board Audio card not working properly. Solution

If you are having problem with audio on your computer, then it is not necessary that your speakers are not working properly; the problem could be in your Sound card. Yes, like a video card is needed to show visual contents a Sound card is also needed to play audio. You may not found a sound card on your motherboard because all the new motherboards (which supports Intel Pentium 4 processors and above) are having integrated sound cards. But this integrated sound card can also be get damaged even if everything else is working just fine.

Some of the Symptoms of sound card problems are-

1. Speakers making “Hiss and Hum” (Humming and buzzing) noise.

How to find who unfriended (removed you as a friend) you on Facebook

Today I have got a simple but interesting trick for no. 1 social site Facebook. Keep reading.

As you already know we get alerts when ever we gets a new friend request or a friend request accepted on Facebook. But there are no alerts whenever someone just kicks us out of his/her friend’s list and we eventually get to know it. Like- “Oh, he didn't seems to be active these days, what I am not even his friend any more?” Like we don’t care who removes us from his/her friend’s list.

Well if Facebook can not tell us, Facebook apps may help us. There are lots of Apps which give you

How (A tool) to remove new folder.exe, removable disc shortcut, Files getting hidden in USB Pen drives, and all other common Flash drive viruses.

So, today when I plugged in my USB Pen drive, I found a mischievous new folder which I do not remember creating. So I just tried to open the folder but it does not. Just after few seconds I realized that the file extension is “.exe” and by that time the virus was already spread in my computer. In fact, it did not activate after I tried clicking it to open it; the system was infected by the time I plugged in the USB drive.

Few symptoms of USB flash drive viruses-

1. Creation of “New folder.exe” files everywhere.

2. Creation of “.exe” files of the name of sub folder. For example I have sub folder “music” in my USB drive, and then the virus will create a file “music.exe” in the sub folder music.

3. The virus automatically hides any data you put in your USB flash drive and creates a shortcut “Removable disc”

How to Search Engine Optimize your blog, Quick SEO guide for beginners.

In the previous article we discussed about SEO and learned what SEO is and why SEO is an important part of every blog’s traffic. (Here is the link to previous article in case you have missed on that- What is search engine optimization and why do you need it. An easy and detailed explanation.) As already discussed, Search Engines are the biggest source of organic traffic and SEO helps to direct traffic from search engines to your blogs. As I have already mentioned, search engine optimization is a big chapter in the book of internet and blogging. It’s a bit complicated for beginners but we should start by learning basic search engine optimization and how to works.

Search engines use complex algorithms and they are changing frequently over the time. Today we will discuss some basic and evergreen working SEO tips. SEO is divided in two main parts- on-page SEO and off-page SEO all of which includes- keyword analysis, blog improvements, websites submissions, keyword density, social book marking etc.

So let’s get started.

1. Title

Title of you posts plays a key role in making your content visible to search engines. Title is the ID

What is search engine optimization and why do you need it. An easy and detailed explanation.

Blogging and internet is a very thick book. One of the largest chapter in this book is SEO. Yes. Its true, just by reading one or two or few articles on SEO you are not going to become a SEO expert, it takes about years for some bloggers to get a hang of it. But I am sure that after reading this article you will learn first and most important lesson in this big chapter. Also, I will try to keep it very simple and short and will try to introduce SEO to you at my very best.

So now lest get started.

What is SEO ?

Some of you may have already know that SEO stands for- Search Engine Optimization. Like I does

How to make your blog more attractive and interactive to maximize traffic and increase Adsense approval rate.

Your content is king of your blog, that’s true, but your content alone can not take your blog to heights, your blog should also be interactive and attractive for its user. Your visitors, Search engine bots, and Adsense, everyone likes an attractive and interactive blog. By interactive blog I mean the ease which with a user can explore your blog, easily find the next content a user wants and all the content of your blog is easily available to user.
When a person, who has never visited Facebook before, when visit for the first time, at least spend five minutes on the website. That’s what we mean by attractive. Your blog should attract users, so the duration for which they are on the blog increases, they keep reading one article to other and other. One should make their website/blog interactive and attractive enough for a user to like it and visit back again.

Here are some effective ways, you should implement to make your blog interactive and attractive-

How to set password, change settings of a wi-fi (Wireless) router manually if CD installation fails. change Wi-fi settings from a smart phone.

Sometimes, due to OS (operating system) non-compatibility or due to any other reason CD installation of softwares and programs that comes with router, fails. These softwares are mostly for the purpose of making your desired changes in the router settings, like- setting password, Wi-fi name, forwarding ports, Mac filtering etc.
But you can also do it manually. You can also access these settings from any device (smart phones, laptops) which is able to connect to your wi-fi network. All you need is a web browser. (And PC for first time)

So, first what you need to is open command prompt in your (windows) PC and type in- ipconfig . Make sure the PC you are using is connected to the wi-fi router. (Wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable)

How to download APK file from Google play store directly to your PC.

If you are an android user, then you must be already knowing that we can only browse apps on Google play store from a non-android devices, like our windows (or Mac) computers. There is no option by which we can download the apps to our computer and transfer it to our phone later, whenever we want. This becomes a problem in downloading big apps especially when we do not have an open Wi-fi and we have to us our mobile phone’s data. In such situations, website- solves the problem. You can download APK file of any (free or trial) play store app directly to your computer to install in on your Android device later. Also there is no need to signing in to your Google account for it. It also helps in keeping a back up of your apps, so that you can reinstall them when ever you want with out wasting any data on downloading them again. 

So here is the procedure to download the APK file of the app you want from

How to attach link to images in a blog post on Blogger

Blogger is the best platform for me as it is simple and user friendly. It also links easily to all other useful Google products like Google analytic. But you must have noticed that we cannot attach a link to images we use in a blog post like we can do in image gadget. Whenever we attach an image in our blog post and publish it. When we click the image, by default an enlarged view of image in a box. For example clicking the image below (image 1) will open an enlarged view of it.

Image 1-
But with little trick and a bit of changes in HTML coding we can also attach a link to images. For example- If you click the image below (image 2), a new tab will open which link to the Facebook page of the blog. (Please like that too)

How to add related posts to a blog (Blogger, Wordpress, or personal hosted blog)

Adding related posts at the end of a post is one the best way to show your content to your readers and increase traffic. Here is a quick tutorial for adding related posts. Adding related posts is simple. Just follow these simple steps.

There are a lot of websites which provide this service but the one I fund best is- Linkwithin (Link with in) as it do not require any sign up, easy and quick installation, Shows posts with thumbnails, No hidden Ad codes.

So, to add related posts to your blog-

Earn money by shortening and sharing links: review 2014 with payment proof.

You may have seen a lot of short links for long urls and so are many URL shortening websites. But is a URL shortening website with a twist. You get paid whenever these links are visited. Get Paid? Yes you really get paid. I was also amazed when I found that I have made actually come cents just by sharing links. Now let’s discuss in detail how works.

How works?

You shorten a link and share it and you get paid. Amazing! But what is the mechanism behind? is basically and advertising service, But it do not takes space

How to Effectively promote an Ebay Shop (Any Online shop) to increase sales.(Non-Ebay ways)

E-commerce and online shopping is increasing at a tremendous speed. From USB Flash drives to washing machine, from E-books to paper books, everything is available online. With such an increase, the competition is also increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out. So here are the top effective ways to promote your E-shop. (All the methods are applicable to every E-shop (Alibaba, Shopclues etc. (Even personal E-shops)), not ONLY Ebay)

How to create a good sitemap for blogger blog for your visitors.

Sitemap is a page which lists all the posts in your blog in a professional way according to your labels. Sitemaps are really useful as it make your blog more interactive and easy to explore. It also helps in increasing traffic. But blogger do not have any gadget to add the sitemap directly to a blogger blog. But you can see this blog is also having a sitemap (See the tabs above) and you can add one to your blog in few simple steps.
Good this about the site map is gets updated automatically every time you add a new post.

(Note- This sitemap if for your visitors (Humans) not for submitting to search engines (Bots)

Step 1- Log in to your Google account.

Why my download speed is very less than the one shown at (KB/s and Kbps)

You must have seen a vast difference in the download speeds when you are downloading something from internet and when you check your download speed on You may also find a large difference in speed from the one promised by your ISP (Internet service provider)

Well, you need not have to worry, everything is fine and you are not being cheated. The difference is due to the different units used.
The download speed you see when downloading from internet is in KB/s (Kilo BYTES per second) and the download speed promised to you and the download speed shown on is in Kbps (Kilo BITS per second) (Notice that abbreviations for both “Kilo BYTES per second and “Kilo BITS per second” is kbps so differ between the two, “/” is used with BYTES.) So standard abbreviation for “Kilo BYTES per second is KB/s and standard abbreviation for “Kilo BITS per second” is Kbps. Divide the speed in Kbps by 8 and you will get your speed in KB/s which you will find almost the

Minimum payout $5 Ad network- InfinityAds. Best Ad-network for low traffic websites and bloggers. Review with payment proof.

So after you have started a blog you will look for Ad networks to monetize your blog. But if you have just begin, then most pre dominating Ad-networks like- Adsense, Clicksor, Chitika will not make much sense for you because their minimum payout is pretty high ($50) and is difficult to reach for a beginner blog. Also these Ad-networks are based on CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per mile).

InfinityAds is one of the best Ad-networks for beginners to monetize your blogs.

What makes InfinityAds different from others and one of the best-

Please take a sec to share :-)

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