How to add related posts to a blog (Blogger, Wordpress, or personal hosted blog)

Adding related posts at the end of a post is one the best way to show your content to your readers and increase traffic. Here is a quick tutorial for adding related posts. Adding related posts is simple. Just follow these simple steps.

There are a lot of websites which provide this service but the one I fund best is- Linkwithin (Link with in) as it do not require any sign up, easy and quick installation, Shows posts with thumbnails, No hidden Ad codes.

So, to add related posts to your blog-

1. Go to

2. Just fill in the details i.e. You email id(you just have to fill in Email id, this is not a sign up), Your blog URL, Platform on which your blog is hosted, Width is the number of related posts you want, choose this according to the size your main column.

(If your blog has a dark background and a light color text, for example- white text on black background, then check the box which says- “My blog has light text on dark background”

3. Click on “Get Wideget”

4. If you are on blogger or wordpress, you will be provided a link to add the widget/gadget directly to your blog. Just drag the newly added gadget below your Main post from layout option(in case of blogger)

But if you have a self hosted blog, then you will be provided with a code, just copy and paste this code to the HTML files of your blog.

So, you see, the steps are pretty simple but the gadget is really effective.
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