Advantages and Disadvantages of professional blogging.

If you do blogging as a hobby not professionally for some aim or as a career then you need not be bother about the eye opening article below. Although it is advisable that you read it, if your thoughts ever changes in future.

Work from home is a great thing in itself. Today with rapid increase in growth of internet, online job opportunities are increasing as well. There is lots way to earn money online and all of them are sweet “Work from home stuff” but most popular of them these days is the sweet gum called “blogging”. Why I called blogging a sweet gum because it sweet at the beginning but may be hard to swallow at the later times and you may end up throwing it away. When we say the “advantages” of online work, particularly blogging, you do not need any one to explain that. It just looks like the most wonderful thing. On an overview blogging is been considered as process of three simple steps-

1. Start a blog.
2. Post stuff.
3. Make HUGE money.
4. Own a car, luxuries and all day enjoying at beaches.

But the reality is completely different.
Wait this is not at all to discourage you from blogging. Instead it just to prepare you for the part which will come ahead and you should not give up at that moment.
Let’s first look at the advantages on professional blogging. (I know you all know the pros, but let’s just look at them once again to maintain your potential)

Advantages of professional blogging-

1. You are your own BOSS.
Yes, that is the biggest advantage of any online job you do and the same is true with blogging. You become your won boss. You do not need to work under anyone. You prepare commands for yourself and you implement them. There is no such pressure as we feel when we are working under someone.

2. Flexibility of work hours.
Unlike our 9 to 5 job, blogging gives us full flexibility of work hours. You can work any time; at evening, at mid night or early in the morning and you can decide you work hours too. You can choose your work days and holidays. You can take a day off anytime you want and can work even in holidays (if you like to).

3. Home is your office and night suit is your uniform.
When working online, you do not need to have an office. You can work from any part of the world. You can work in your bedroom, dining room or even in a green garden.

4. No limit.
Yes, there is no limit to money you can earn. Unlike a 9 to 5 office job, there is no fixed amount in online job. You can earn 3 figure to 6 figure amount and even more.

Enough reasons to start working online? Well, there is also a dark side.

Disadvantages of professional blogging-

1. Difficult to stand out.
So, you just planned to start a blog but its not easy to make your blog stand out from the other 300 million blogs on the internet. This is the statistic of only well established blogs. Almost double of this number blogs has been dissolved. So, it requires a lot, I mean A LOT of patience and hard work.
(Also read- How to make your blog more interactive and attractive to make it stand out)

2. Not guaranteed success.
In your office job, if you meet all the deadlines and work really hard you get a chance of promotion, but that’s not true in the case of blogging. Even after putting in a lot of efforts and hard work it is not guaranteed that your blog will be on of the successful. Many times, this leads to frustration and hence, people quit it.

3. You can choose your work hours.
Wait I think that is one of the advantages o blogging. Right? Well this can also become the biggest cons on it. As you want to become successful you work longer and harder because there is no limit on time you can work on your blog. This will harm your body, both physically and mentally. Physically, as you will pay less attention to your health, long sitting and less exercises will make you prey to diseases. Stress, competition, troubles will make you sick mentally.

4. No limit.
As there is no upper limit of money you can earn, there is no lower limit too. There is fixed amount you will surely earn and sometimes the downfall is really drastic.

5. You mind will always be pre occupied.
As you can work anywhere and anytime, you will keep thinking about work and work. For example are visiting a place with your family for a picnic and you do not even have your laptop, but you will keep thinking about your future plans and keep building your content in your mind which keeps you pre occupied.

You may experience many more problems. Well the solution to all of them is really simple and that is- Have a lot of patience and keep a lot of calm and keep following Start in a planned and way and prepare well for failure too.

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