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To grow your audience and to reach the larger audience you essentially need a followers list. Blogger allows its user to have a custom widget for people who likes to read your blog. You can see our Followers box in the right side bar. They can become followers of your blog by just clicking a button (Please click our follower button too :-). Follower’s receives update about your blog to their Google profiles and inform them about the latest happening in your blog. To get a “Followers widget” for your blogger blog is really simple.

To add Followers widget to your blogger blog-

1. Sign in to your Google account and open Blogger dashboard.

2. On the left had side, in the options panel select “Layout”

3. You will see the layout of your blog with all the widgets and gadgets there. Select a side bar where you want to add the Followers widget and select “add a gadget” found at the top of your selected sidebar.

4. A new window will open. On the left hand side you will see an option “more gadgets”, select that. Now scroll down in the new window, you will find a gadget Followers. (You will get it at the end of first page or most probably at the beginning of the second page) Add the gadget by clicking the addition sign beside the title.
5. Now give your Followers list a name, like- follow us, stay connected etc. If you do not give it a name then it will be “Followers” by default.

6. Click Save. Now drag your followers gadget around your sidebar to the position where you want your gadget to be.

7. Click “Save arrangement”

Congratulations! Now you have a nice Followers box for your blog.

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