How to download APK file from Google play store directly to your PC.

If you are an android user, then you must be already knowing that we can only browse apps on Google play store from a non-android devices, like our windows (or Mac) computers. There is no option by which we can download the apps to our computer and transfer it to our phone later, whenever we want. This becomes a problem in downloading big apps especially when we do not have an open Wi-fi and we have to us our mobile phone’s data. In such situations, website- solves the problem. You can download APK file of any (free or trial) play store app directly to your computer to install in on your Android device later. Also there is no need to signing in to your Google account for it. It also helps in keeping a back up of your apps, so that you can reinstall them when ever you want with out wasting any data on downloading them again. 

So here is the procedure to download the APK file of the app you want from

1. First of all, open Google play store and browse the app you want or you can directly search it from the search box in play store.

2. Next, copy the playstore URL of the app you want to download.

3. Now go to and paste the URL which you have copied from the play store.

4. Click on “Go” and your download will be ready in one or two seconds. Click on download to save your APK file.
Now you can transfer this APK file to your android device via data cable or Bluetooth and install in manually (Just tap on the app). (Note- in your android device application settings, you have to check the option- “allow apps from other sources”)

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