How to Effectively promote an Ebay Shop (Any Online shop) to increase sales.(Non-Ebay ways)

E-commerce and online shopping is increasing at a tremendous speed. From USB Flash drives to washing machine, from E-books to paper books, everything is available online. With such an increase, the competition is also increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out. So here are the top effective ways to promote your E-shop. (All the methods are applicable to every E-shop (Alibaba, Shopclues etc. (Even personal E-shops)), not ONLY Ebay)

1.    Use your Social Network.

A social network has a lot of power. Share your E-shop on your Social networks (This includes both- Social networking sites and your other social networks). Make a Facebook Like page for the buyers who likes to buy from you and keep updating the page when ever you put In new stuff so that they can be updated every time.

2.    Own a website for your products.

Start a blog or website about your products. Write detailed information about your products on it and link it with your E-shop. Of course you can put detailed information and other things on your online shop itself but this is really an effective method as websites can be search engine optimized and it stands out when a search engine search for results.
For example- You have a blog- “” and If a person search for “baseball bat buy online” on a search engine then your Ebay shop may not get listed (or get listed a lot below) but there is a very high probability that your website get listed in the search result’s first page itself.
Moreover, you can announce festive offers and new arrivals on your blog.

3.    Youtube

Make a yYouTubechannel. Making a video, describing your product or how it works or slideshows are very effective as you stand out in video results and make it attractive for a buyer.

4. Promote your E-shop offline.

If you are having an offline business too, then you can inform your offline buyers about your online shop. Give place to link to you E-shop in your business card. As it is not possible for the person you met at a far off place to browse and buy directly from your offline shop but your E-shop will don the job.

5.    Maintain an E-mail list.

Keep an E-mail list of your online buyers. Send occasional E-mails to you online buyers. Update them about offers and new arrivals. Send them festive greetings. This helps in building a strong trust and relationship between buyer and seller. Add direct links of the new products and add special discounts and offers for customers who buy from you frequently. But do not overdo it. If you keep sending a lot of E-mails very frequently they may consider it as spamming.

6. Add thank you letter while packaging.

Put few good words and little information about your shop and more of your products in printed letter and place it in the package. The buyer is sure to read that information which comes when he receives the product. He may have missed the same information on the E-shop.

7.    Always demand a rating.

After selling the product do not just let it go, as a seller you have the right to be rated for your service. Demand ratings from buyers as the sellers with high and positive rating are recommended. Higher ratings also help in winning the trust of a new buyer. If you have just begin, then you are sure to have less rating, but this does not matter, you just make sure you get rated for every sell you make. You ratings will grow eventually.

8. Keep prices low in the beginning.

In the beginning (If you have just started selling online) keep the prices lower then your competitors which have already established their business on the internet. This will give you an upper hand over them. As a if a person see a lot of sellers selling the same item, he will probably select “price- Low to high” to see who is providing at the lowest price and most probably pick that one. You can increase the price once you also get established.

9.    Ask affiliates to sell your products.

Sometimes you have no reach to people who can actually buy your product. The affiliates can do the job for you. For example- You sell music and video Albums and there is person having a high traffic music review movies review website, then there are a lot chances that your product get sold if it get a place on that website. An affiliate is a person who sells your product for you and you have to give them a percentage of your profit (Depending on the contract between you and affiliate). This is a different and lot more effective way then advertising your product as you have to pay only after a sale so there is complete value of money. The one way of finding effective affiliates is- Browse on internet to find the blogs related to the product you are selling and which have a good amount of visitors. You can contact the owner of the blog and if he agrees you can sign an official contract with him. (Or a moral contract, if you know him in person). Another ways are through Affiliate networks like clickbank.

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