How to find who unfriended (removed you as a friend) you on Facebook

Today I have got a simple but interesting trick for no. 1 social site Facebook. Keep reading.

As you already know we get alerts when ever we gets a new friend request or a friend request accepted on Facebook. But there are no alerts whenever someone just kicks us out of his/her friend’s list and we eventually get to know it. Like- “Oh, he didn't seems to be active these days, what I am not even his friend any more?” Like we don’t care who removes us from his/her friend’s list.

Well if Facebook can not tell us, Facebook apps may help us. There are lots of Apps which give you alerts whenever someone unfriends you. But most of them do not seem to work or are fake. You do not need to waste your time searching for a working app. In this article I am going to share a working apps which you can use to know who unfriended you on Facebook. The app is called “Unfriend Alert”
Just add this extension to your chrome and you will get notification whenever someone unfriends you.

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