How to make your blog more attractive and interactive to maximize traffic and increase Adsense approval rate.

Your content is king of your blog, that’s true, but your content alone can not take your blog to heights, your blog should also be interactive and attractive for its user. Your visitors, Search engine bots, and Adsense, everyone likes an attractive and interactive blog. By interactive blog I mean the ease which with a user can explore your blog, easily find the next content a user wants and all the content of your blog is easily available to user.
When a person, who has never visited Facebook before, when visit for the first time, at least spend five minutes on the website. That’s what we mean by attractive. Your blog should attract users, so the duration for which they are on the blog increases, they keep reading one article to other and other. One should make their website/blog interactive and attractive enough for a user to like it and visit back again.

Here are some effective ways, you should implement to make your blog interactive and attractive-

1. Simple template.

Always go with simple and light templates. Do not choose templates which are heavy and complex, like templates with so many columns, footers, widgets etc. Your template should be one which loads quickly and shows what user wants to see at the first glance. The main content should not be hindered by other elements. Keep no. of posts on the Home page less, from 5 – 7, this helps in loading the blog faster and saves visitor’s time and data. Always add page breaks, do not let the whole article displayed at Homepage. Just add the descriptive paragraph before the break, this will help user to decide weather it is the content he wants.

2. Add related stuff in and at end of each post.

Keep your readers bided in your blog. Do not let them just move on; show them the next content they may like. Add links to related posts in between your articles. Please make sure you just not flood a post with related links; just add 2 or 3(at max) related links which are actually related the current post. This will also help in making all of your content visible to a reader. Also add related stuff at the end of each post. This will help reader to quickly select the article of his/her interest. There are many services which provide gadget for blogger which automatically shows related posts to the current posts at the end of each post.
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3. Organize your content well.

Organize your main content properly in Main headings, sub headings. Use points whenever necessary. Don’t just write the whole thing in one piece, this looks very unattractive and user might find it difficult to find what he was actually looking for. A well organized article will help readers to quickly jump to any specific sub point they were looking for. Images are good, but do not flood them. You may have overheard that article with lots of images looks attractive. This is not true at all. Just add a picture for thumbnail and then add pictures if it is really necessary to add. Like for some tutorials. Do not put random images (like sub heading written on an image) in your posts. (You can add put 1 or 2 images in a long article). Keep your font size appreciably large so that readers can comfortably read your content but do not enlarged it to an extent when one needs to continuously scroll to read. Make hyperlinks Bold and Italic so they can be easily identified

4. Add a sitemap.

Sitemap is a page which list all the content in your blog in an professional and “Easy to explore” way. Visitors can visit your sitemap and see all the posts listed under a particular label. You may think that the same job is done by the “label” gadget. But note that label gadget do not shows all the posts listed under a particular label at once, we have to move from older posts to older and so on. But sitemap list the titles of the posts under a particular label. Sitemap also helps visitors to find all the content of their interest and hence helps in making all of your content visible.

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5. Include useful gadgets.

Here are some gadgets you must include in your blog. All these gadgets are available in blogger,s inventory.

1. Search bar- Add a custom search bar which will help users to search a particular post which they are not able to find.

2. Labels- Labels, again will show an overview of the various topics covered by the blog.

3. Blog archive- It is a really important gadget. If a user wants to read all of your articles starting from beginning then blog archive is the most helpful in such case. Otherwise the user will keep on jumping on random posts and when he land on some posts repeatedly he/she may get irritated.

6. Take care of other platforms.

We have come a long way in technology and still a long way to go. The number of users who likes surfing on the go is increasing rapidly due to the world’s #1 gadget- Smart phone.
So, also take care of your Mobile sites of your blog. It should also be well organized and easy to explore. There is lot of useful customization available for mobile sites. Spend some time in improving your mobile sites also.

7. Include useful and general pages.

Add pages like- contact us, about us, Privacy policy etc. and provide basic information about your blog and yourself (if you want to). This will help readers to reach you and also gives a professional look to your blog. These pages are useful to everyone. By everyone, I mean- your visitors, search engines, Google bots and adsense.

8. Avoid too many Advertisements.

Do not put creepy, malware looking pop up Ads on your blog, of course they help you to earn few cents but they also negatively affect your blog reputation for both your visitors and search engines. Just choose few of the best advertisers you think and use them only. Completely avoid auto downloads and redirects Ads services; they are the poisons for your blog and will completely destroy it.

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