How to set password, change settings of a wi-fi (Wireless) router manually if CD installation fails. change Wi-fi settings from a smart phone.

Sometimes, due to OS (operating system) non-compatibility or due to any other reason CD installation of softwares and programs that comes with router, fails. These softwares are mostly for the purpose of making your desired changes in the router settings, like- setting password, Wi-fi name, forwarding ports, Mac filtering etc.
But you can also do it manually. You can also access these settings from any device (smart phones, laptops) which is able to connect to your wi-fi network. All you need is a web browser. (And PC for first time)

So, first what you need to is open command prompt in your (windows) PC and type in- ipconfig . Make sure the PC you are using is connected to the wi-fi router. (Wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable)

You will find four addresses under- “Ethernet adapter local area connection”
Note down the default gateway address. This is the address you need to access you wi-fi router’s setting page. Type this address in the web browser of your device (Smart phone, laptop, or desktop) and the authentication box will open.
You need to put in the username and password in order to proceed. For every router, by default, the username is- “admin” and the password is- “admin”. (Unless changed by the user) (Type “admin” in both the fields)
Router settings page of you wi-fi router will open. Here you can make any changes you want. You can set password, alter settings, set bandwidth limits. Etc.

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