How (A tool) to remove new folder.exe, removable disc shortcut, Files getting hidden in USB Pen drives, and all other common Flash drive viruses.

So, today when I plugged in my USB Pen drive, I found a mischievous new folder which I do not remember creating. So I just tried to open the folder but it does not. Just after few seconds I realized that the file extension is “.exe” and by that time the virus was already spread in my computer. In fact, it did not activate after I tried clicking it to open it; the system was infected by the time I plugged in the USB drive.

Few symptoms of USB flash drive viruses-

1. Creation of “New folder.exe” files everywhere.

2. Creation of “.exe” files of the name of sub folder. For example I have sub folder “music” in my USB drive, and then the virus will create a file “music.exe” in the sub folder music.

3. The virus automatically hides any data you put in your USB flash drive and creates a shortcut “Removable disc”

4. You try opening a sub folder but it do not open, instead the same directory keeps reloading.

(Note- These are just few symptoms, the same virus may act different on a different system)

Understanding what is New Folder.exe

The virus’s actual name is “Iddono”. The virus automatically copies its infected files to your Hard disk and infects any new and uninfected USB pen drives. What it does is that after copying infected files to your computer, it creates new start up key with the name- “Iddono” and value- “newfolder.exe”. The virus gets settled in the system files of the system and is very difficult to identify and eliminate.

Manual methods just didn't work.

I am a user who does not trust on virus removal software and always tried to remove it manually. So in the Iddono’s (newfolder.exe) case I tried the same. The manual method is really typical and only advanced computer users can understand and implement it. So, having some knowledge about this issue I started the operation and while I was in between it, I realized that the situation is getting worse. It is being very difficult to even just identify the infected files, forget eliminating that. Also the list of specified files to remove from different websites did not worked as the virus takes a new shape in every computer. (For me, one of the infected files name was- ‘honeylol.bin:)
The manual method involves operations with your registry keys and any carelessness or lack of knowledge may leads to deletion of your Windows or may crash your Hard disk.

ComboFix the ultimate solution

So after unsuccessful attempt of removing the virus manually, my system was still having the virus and due to wrong implementation of reg. keys my system was not functioning properly. So, I took the chance and started looking for tools to remove the virus. I tried a lot of such free tools available like- New folder removal tool, SpyHunter etc. None of them solved the problem and even few tools were malwares. Some which seems to work was just a temporary solution till you re plug the USB drive. What they do is- Hide the infected files and unhide our files.

But one day I finally found the tool which actually solved my problem and it was- ComboFix.

It is a free tool by you can download it from their website-

The tool eliminates all such USB drive viruses from your system forever in less then 20 minutes. Just download the tool and run it (as administrator) straight away.
It also eliminates the viruses from your flash drives without removing any of your data. Make sure you have your infected flash drives connected to system while running ComboFix. Use USB Hubs if number of USB drives is more than number of ports.

ComboFix will delete your temp folders (folders with temporary data) and empty your recycle bin so make sure you retrieve anything important in there. Also do not try altering any files or codes of combofix. And make sure that for any reason like power failure, the comboFix did not stop in between. You can read and get more information about ComboFix from Here.

Consider donation to project if it helped you in getting rid of those annoying viruses, at their website-

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