Minimum payout $5 Ad network- InfinityAds. Best Ad-network for low traffic websites and bloggers. Review with payment proof.

So after you have started a blog you will look for Ad networks to monetize your blog. But if you have just begin, then most pre dominating Ad-networks like- Adsense, Clicksor, Chitika will not make much sense for you because their minimum payout is pretty high ($50) and is difficult to reach for a beginner blog. Also these Ad-networks are based on CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per mile).

InfinityAds is one of the best Ad-networks for beginners to monetize your blogs.

What makes InfinityAds different from others and one of the best-

1. The Ad-network is not a CPC (Cost per click) or CMP (Cost per mile) network. It is a PPV (Pay per view) Ad-network, which means weather you get clicks or not, you get paid for just showing Ads on your blog.

2. The Ad-network is open for all domains. This means you need not to have a TLD (Top level domain) like .com, .org etc. a sub domain like- will also be accepted.

3. It is open for all size of publishers. Weather you are receiving a thousand daily visits or you are getting few hundreds of visitors, this Ad-network will accept you. All websites get easy auto-approval

4. The Ad-network is a pop under advertising. They show Ads in small (or big, you can choose) pop up windows. So it do not take any space on your blog.

5. Can be used with other Ad-networks like Adsense, Clicksor, chitika. (I have tried infinityAds with several other ad networks and it make no problems at all)

6. It is easy to reach minimum payout for all kinds of publishers, big or small, as the minimum payout is just $5.

7. They send payments via paypal/payza. So there is no hassle of paper cheques.

My experience and payout rates-

I had a very smooth experience with this Ad-network. They payout rates are about $0.3 to $0.6 for per thousand impressions and additional amount for clicks and interactions.
On a blog with 3,000 daily pages view, I was easily getting $1 to $1.5 (average, sometime even higher) with this Ad-network.
They pay every 15 days on paypal. And I received several payments and I ddidn'thave any problems and delays regarding payments.

Payment proof-

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