Use Google chrome as a media player to play broken, incomplete download and unsupported files.

Google chrome is definitely the best web browser out there. Chrome’s efficiency and simplicity makes it stand out from other web browsers. Many chrome users are still unaware of the full potential and features of it. One of the best features I like of the chrome is that Google chrome can also be used as a media player and it supports every video and audio format. Google chrome can also play those files which are not able to play even in VLC media player. Sometimes we get videos and audio files which have unknown (or no) file extensions or which are not encrypted properly or sometimes not downloaded completely. Most media players fail to play such type of files but chrome can play them all.

Here is how you can play broken or unsupported video and audio files using chrome-

1. Go to folder options and un tick “show extensions for know file types”
2. Rename the media file as “media file name.mp4” (add the .mp4 extension)
3. Right click on the media file select open with, select Google chrome.
4. Sit back and enjoy your video. (Before that share the post so that others can watch their broken videos too :-))

Some features of chrome as a media player-

1. Supports full screen.
2. You can adjust volume. Mute and unmute.
3. Loop a video/audio. (To play same some repeatedly)

Chrome supports media playback even on mobile devices. And no internet connection is required.
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