What is search engine optimization and why do you need it. An easy and detailed explanation.

Blogging and internet is a very thick book. One of the largest chapter in this book is SEO. Yes. Its true, just by reading one or two or few articles on SEO you are not going to become a SEO expert, it takes about years for some bloggers to get a hang of it. But I am sure that after reading this article you will learn first and most important lesson in this big chapter. Also, I will try to keep it very simple and short and will try to introduce SEO to you at my very best.

So now lest get started.

What is SEO ?

Some of you may have already know that SEO stands for- Search Engine Optimization. Like I does
before, If you are also misunderstanding SEO as advance coding and internet languages stuff that only a computer professional can do then you are also wrong like me. Search Engine Optimization is simply making search engines aware about your content. Search Engine Optimization is a detailed and “in depth” research of keywords and phrases related to niche of your blog and adding them to description of your blog and blog posts. These are the keywords and phrases which people are searching on search engines. Search engine shows those websites in the search results which contain the desired keywords. Of course some websites are listed below and some are ranked higher, this is a later topic of the chapter. We will surely talk about it in later articles but let’s just be focused on out current topic i.e. - SEO.

So as I was saying, these keywords help search engines to find your blog/website when there is relevant content on your blog about the search made by a user. This does not mean that your blog will be invisible if you do not add these keywords (do not SEO) but the search engine crawlers will take more time to find your website.

Wait. What is “Search engine crawlers”?

In a simple and basic language, search engine crawlers can be defined as the bots sitting at search engines which search all the websites when a search is made. Wow these bots are smarter and quicker than humans. Not exactly, these bots do not read each and every word on your blog, there are many algorithms according to which search engine crawlers work.

Let’s get back to SEO.
So these crawlers look at specific sites of you blog to search for the required keyword, if your blog contains it, it will be listed in the search result of user else not. IMPORTANT- I am saying it again, that does not mean that only after dong SEO your, crawlers can find your website. No it not true at all, the truth is, when you write a post, you are already adding keywords and information, which is also the site where crawlers look for keywords. But do not forget the word- Research. We do SEO to get better ranking in search engines and to make it easier for search engines to find us.

So, now lest proceed to- Why do you need SEO.

Search engines are the largest source of traffic for any website. And to get traffic from these search engines your website must be listed on a search engine result. Not only that, your website must be listed in top results, as most of us do not browse even the second page of search result. Now for example your website has extremely unique and useful content but people can not reach it if it is not listed in the search results. The user may have searching for the exact content but due to lack if visibility he may not be able to reach you. But then how search engines going to know about your content. Search engine optimization does the same thing for you. A properly optimized website receives a several times multiplied traffic then an non optimized blog, both providing the same content, due to more reachability and visibility of the optimized blog.

So, SEO is directly related to traffic on your website. And a website with more traffic have more chances of sales, hence higher ratings in different websites ranking services (like alexa) and hence more earnings.

To understand how SEO helps us to increase our traffic, let’s take an example-

Let’s say, Mr. Brown has a blog on which he reviews and sale baseball stuff. He post an article about the newly released baseball bat.-

The new strong GX1 baseball bat. Firm grip and well built. Available in 5 shades. Get your GX1 from here.
As you can see Mr. Brown sell the new baseball bat on his website, but if a user makes the search- “GX1 bat buy online” or “Dark brown baseball bat” or “Best baseball bat”. Then there are chances that Mr. Brown’s website will not be listed (or listed at last page) in the search result even after having the content for which the user looking for.

Now Mr. Brown does some keyword research and found some high density keywords (Searches which are made very often) related to their niche and content like- “baseball bats online”, “best bats” and added to the “meta tags”. And BOOM! His website is now visible to a user which wasn't before. And people can buy stuff from them now.

So you see how SEO helped Mr. Brown in increasing his website’s traffic and sales.

One last thing- You should clearly understand difference between “Adding Keyword” and “Keyword stuffing”. Adding keywords is finding few very high density keywords which are extremely related to your content via a intelligent and detailed research. Keyword stuffing is just spamming your posts and content with all possible random keywords without and research as there are no limits to adding keyword.
Referring to above Mr. Brown’s case, Keyword stuffing could be like- baseball bats, balls, baseball bats and balls, selling baseball bats, buy baseball bats… and so on. As you can clearly see most of the keywords are just repetition of previous ones. Search engine appreciates researched and limited amount of keywords which are relevant as it helps search engines to understand content on your website better. But search engines HATES websites with lot of random irrelevant keywords and will consider is spam.
So, on an all, RESEARCH is most important element of SEO.

Okay so I guess, this much knowledge is more than enough at the moment.

Next you should read and learn-
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Final one line conclusion-

SEO will not just increase, it will MULTIPLY your traffic but on the condition that you put in some work and time from your side in optimizing your website.

Please leave your questions (if any) and feed backs in comment section below. Share this article and hit the g+1 button. Thank you!

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