Why my download speed is very less than the one shown at Speedtest.net (KB/s and Kbps)

You must have seen a vast difference in the download speeds when you are downloading something from internet and when you check your download speed on speedtest.net. You may also find a large difference in speed from the one promised by your ISP (Internet service provider)

Well, you need not have to worry, everything is fine and you are not being cheated. The difference is due to the different units used.
The download speed you see when downloading from internet is in KB/s (Kilo BYTES per second) and the download speed promised to you and the download speed shown on speedtest.net is in Kbps (Kilo BITS per second) (Notice that abbreviations for both “Kilo BYTES per second and “Kilo BITS per second” is kbps so differ between the two, “/” is used with BYTES.) So standard abbreviation for “Kilo BYTES per second is KB/s and standard abbreviation for “Kilo BITS per second” is Kbps. Divide the speed in Kbps by 8 and you will get your speed in KB/s which you will find almost the same (A little difference is due to download speed is not constant). OR you can change the settings on speedtest.net to calculate speed in KB/s.

For example- My promised download speed- 600kbps (75 KB/s approx.)
My speedtest.net result (calculated in Kbps)-
Download speed calculated= 0.64 Mbps (Mega bits per second)
Mbps X 1024 = Kbps i.e. 0.64 X 1024 = 655.36 Kbps.
Kbps/8 =KB/s i.e. 655/8 = 81 KB/s
Which is same as my promised download speed. (Variation of +10 KB/s, -10 KB/s is acceptable)

Download Speed calculated in KB/s-
First change the speed measurement to "Kilobytes" from settings.
Speed in KB/s from speedtest.net
Here you can see my speed is exactly the same as promised by the ISP.

Me too was unaware about this fact and misunderstood Kbps same as KB/s. But if you are already aware this fact then there can be other technical problem about which you should contact your ISP.
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