WiFi Routers are not so healthy all the time. MUST READ

Wireless WiFi routers help us connect to internet no matter where we are. We do not need to glue to the Ethernet cable for internet any more. Our phones, laptops, cameras, anything which has got the wi-fi connectivity get connected to internet. Today most of homes and work places have got these routers. It is becoming a basic need of today’s life. But have you ever think of the negative aspects of this technology? These wireless routers are harming you every time, weather you are connected to internet or not.

No matter on which floor or in which room of our home we are on, these wireless signals easily reaches us. Sometimes we can even detect our neighbor’s internet. If they can penetrate such thick walls, they can easily penetrate your entire body, in fact they are. They are penetrating your
heart, your brain, your tissues and every single cell in your body.

These wireless routers use Electromagnetic radiations to transmit signals. These are very high energy radiations which can cause several health hazards.

On a smaller level these radiations can-
1. Cause spelling sickness.

2. affect your memory

3. migraines

But long exposure to these radiations can cause variations in cell’s DNA and cause cancers and tumors and severe brain damage.


Well, we cannot avoid the WiFi router as it has became a part of our daily lives. We are surrounded with these wireless signals. But the problem is long duration of exposures. But by taking the following precautions you can avoid a big chance of these health hazards.

1. Turn of your routers when not in use and during night times.

When you keep these routers running even when not in use, they keep transmitting the signals and flood your place with Electromagnetic radiations. Don’t be lazy just switch on WiFi only when you need it.

2. Do not keep WiFi routers very close to your computer table or work desk. Keep it in an open area or hanging on a wall. This will result in better connectivity and avoid your direct contact with the signals.

3. Most important- Spread awareness by sharing this article. Sharing is caring and sharing something that important is really worth.

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