How to convert Microsoft word .doc files to PDF for free

Every task which involves computers and printing, Microsoft word is an essential element. Converting Microsoft Word files (.doc) and RTF files to PDF is one of the most important need, as fonts and elements changes if we transfer a Microsoft Word file to another computer because the other computer may not have the same font installed. The solution is to convert the Microsoft Word (.doc) or RTF file to PDF file. But the task is not so easy. I have searched a lot for software which do the same but unfortunately none of them are freeware and those few, which are available for free, leaves hallmarking on the pages. Also I have tried online websites which provides such services but none seems to be working.

But now there is no need to worry as I am going to tell you an extremely simple way to convert your Microsoft Word documents to PDF and this time too, the search engine giant is going to help us.

How to covert your Microsoft word documents (.doc) file to PDF-

1. Sign into your Google account and open your Google drive.

How to get Google chrome bookmark on your desktop to access websites quickly

The trick or I should say feature is really simple like any other web browser. Google chrome also allows you to get your favorite websites shortcuts on your desktop. Once you have created a desktop shortcut for a website, let’s say for – “”, now you can directly access the blog by opening the shortcut you have made.

To make a Google chrome shortcut for a website-

 1. Open the website in Google chrome. 

2. Bookmark the website anywhere in Google chrome, by clicking the “star” in the URL box.

3. Now click and drag the bookmark to your desktop or to any other folder where you want your shortcut.

4. Double click or right click and open the shortcut, to access the website

That’s it. Give it a try by creating a shortcut for this blog.

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