How to get first job on Upwork | How to get work on Upwork with no experience - 5 Methods that will definitely work

How to get first job on Upwork | How to get work on Upwork with no experience - 5 Methods that will definitely work

If you have just started freelancing on Upwork then it is difficult to get your first job on the platform as a new freelancer. But if you have the skill and the ability to deliver a quality service to your clients then these 5 methods will surely help you to get your first job on upwork. Once you get your first few jobs and you do a remarkable work, then going up on upwork from there is no big deal as you will be having at least some ratings as a proof of your quality of service for the future clients.

So, here are these top 5 highly efficient method which will definitely get you you first job on Upwork

1. Get your Upwork profile 100% complete and get it verified.

Now, I am sure you have already messed up on that part. You have just created your upwork profile in a rush to get things going and now you are stuck with no jobs. But still it is never too late. Invest good amount of time in building your profile. I spent 2 complete days, 16 hours to be precise, in completing my profile.

Upload a genuine and professional profile picture-

Please understand, you are on upwork, not on Instagram or Facebook. Technically you are here to work, and you will be dealing with clients who are going to hire you. Don't just upload some random logos or any random picture of yours as your profile picture. Upload a professional picture in a formal dress. I am not saying that you should go to a photographer, just dress decently and get a picture clicked with your smartphone camera.

many people, just don't understand how significant this point is. look at this in this way- Someone is looking to get a job done and your picture is the first thing he gets to know about you. It is going to make your first impression for you.

Write a description which stands out

As described for the profile picture, your description speaks for you. Every time a Employer lands on your profile, they are not going to personally contact you most of the time. So, your description speaks for you. It is the piece of text which is going to describe you and your service. Technically it is your first and last shot to convince the Employer on why should they hire you. Here are the tips that you must follow in your description-
  1. keep in mind, the Employers are Humans, not robots, keep the first two to three lines describing how you are going to take care of them and their project. What extra qualities you posses apart from the skills required for work, which is going to make your Employer's experience working with you a great one. Take enough time to form good convincing sentences.
  2. Next, you must clearly define your capabilities and skill set. No round talks here, just mention them straight forward. But here is the catch, do not just mention your skills but also mention how it is going to benefit them also mention of work experience with the skill set. for example, if you are a content writer on health and fitness, and your asset is that you have read a lot of books on the topic, then you should also mention that because you have read a lot of books on the topic, you can write most up to date and information rich content.
  3. Last but not the least, make sure you reassure them that just because you are new, that doesn't mean any compromise in the quality of the work.

Upload a Portfolio if you have

This one I know, is need not to be mentioned but just for the sake of completeness, do upload your portfolio. If you are just new on Upwork but has worked on other freelancing sites like and PeoplePerHour then you must upload your portfolio and also mention in your description is that you have experience, it just that your are new on Upwork.

but, if you are just new to freelancing, then I recommend that you must put in some extra effort and create some of your work samples. In both the cases, make sure that your work speaks for you too.

Take necessary tests.

Take necessary tests on upwork related yo your skill set and also you must complete the Upwork readiness test. 

2. Offer something extra to get an edge

Okay, now as you have a 100% complete and verified profile, it is time to start bidding on the proposals and get potential clients. But keep in mind you are not the only one who is sending the proposal for that job but POSSIBLY you may be the only one NEW who is sending a proposal. Upwork is a well establish platform from will over a decade. There are already many well established top rated freelancers with high ratings and high success rate. Why do you think the client will even consider reading your proposal if there is nothing special to their benefit in it. Think for yourself, you are an Employer and you have two candidates in front of you capable of doing the same job, but one is backed up by lots of good ratings and reviews and the other one is just starting out. Whom do you think you will select for the job? I hope my point is clear now. Here are the things that you must do in order to get an edge over the existing top rated freelancers.
  1. In the very start of your cover letter, mention clearly that even though you are new but that doesn't mean any compromise in quality of work. Reassure them that you have the necessary skill set to accomplish their task perfectly.
  2. Right after that, you need to offer them something extra. You need to go an extra mile. You have to work more for less money. when i started on upwork I did my first job which was worth $50 for only $5. You need to put in those extra efforts for the first few jobs until you have some nice ratings to prove your worth. never mention the word "DISCOUNT" in your proposal, because you are providing a service not a product. And word "DISCOUNT" creates a doubt in sub conscious mind of the Employer. Instead just offer a lower price in your proposal but to do not mention anything like I am providing you a discount or I am doing it for less.
  3. Now as you have offered them an economic benefit by offering a lower price. it is time to go an extra mile, because you do not only need to win that job but also a positive feedback after completion of it. For that, offer them something extra. For example, if you are a website designer then you an offer to design a logo for them too. This will over shadow your inexperience and client will be ready to take a risk by hiring a new freelancer.

3. Understand their Problem and offer solutions to connect psychologically

Read the client's job posting very carefully. In most of the cases you will definitely find some mention of the problems they are facing and they want to solve them directly or indirectly. This is your chance, try to identify and understand the client's problem thoroughly and the causes and consequences of the problem. Discuss openly about their problem in your proposal. Show them that you clearly understands their problem. mention the causes and consequences of the problem and finally how you are going to solve their problem.

For example- A person posts a job for designing their website and in the post  they also mention that their current websites loads very slowly. In your proposal, you must write something like- "I checked your website thoroughly and completely understands your problem that your website load time is high and that is why it will me difficult for visitors to visit your website as a result potential customers are not able to reach your website. This may be due to the heavy plugins or banners in your website and that's why you want to redesign it" and then you mentions how you are going to help them with that.

You see, how I clearly mentioned the problem they are facing (there website being slow) and the consequence they are facing (losing potential customers) and also gave my advice and thoughts so as to what is causing the problem. This will clearly showcase your knowledge in the field and will cover up for lack of reviews and feed backs.

You see it is much for easier and comfortable to work with someone who already understands your problem and knows what you are looking for.

4. Let your work speak for you

Now this one is a little bit time consuming but for me it was the most effective. In the job posting Employers always provide you some raw materials to have a look on. What yo have to do is to create a mock up or a sample of the work they wanted and send them this sample. I understand, that you might be thinking that, it will take time and there is no centrality that you will get that order. But this gives an ultimate boost to your proposal because you have already proved all your claims of service by providing them the work sample which you have created for them. You have ultimately met the end results, as the clients is looking at the sample of the work they want and if they like it, then you being new freelancer, have less or no review, nothing like this will matter.

Please see- that I am not asking you to do the work for them for free, just create a sample or if you are sending something like a logo, add you watermark. the idea is to just show your abilities.

5. Be the Fast Mover

You have already missed being a first over as you are just starting out on Upwork and there are already well established top rated Freelancers. But you can still win the advantage of being a Fast mover. let me explain- At times there are job postings which needs to be dome immediately or the time bound is very short. In such a case you can cut the competition by sending your proposal quickly until other's proposal arrives. If you are the first one to send the proposal to an urgent job and if the Employer likes your proposal, chances are that they will hire without even waiting for further propals from other freelancers.

Here are few tips to achieve this-
  1. Try to stay online as long as you can. installing the Upwork's mobile app in your smartphone will be a huge help. But please don't just let your app open at times when you are actually not available like when sleeping.
  2. Look in the app store, there are many apps which sends you notification when a new job is posted in your category so you need not to stay in front of your system whole day and manually keep refreshing the page to look for new jobs
Though these methods will definitely get you your first jobs to get you started but you have to take are of the thing from here.

you have to make sure that you must completely satisfy your client and earn a positive feed back.

So, these were the 5 methods which I have learnt after failing so many times to get job on Upwork and these worked like miracles for me and people i shared them with. Now as i have shared them with you as well make sure you make the most out of it.

With that positive note, I wish you all good luck.

Please do leave your comments with your questions, queries, suggestions or anything you would like to say.

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