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About Blog-

Tech & Online Stuff includes many well written, informative and friendly articles on topics like- Blogging tricks, Tutorials, “How to” posts, Online Money tips and tricks, Fixes, Solutions and many other useful and informative online stuff!

You will also find technology updates, gadget information, smartphone reviews on this blog.

We are continuously working hard to provide more and more useful content.  Hope you enjoy the stay on the blog and please support us by liking on Facebook, Follow the blog and Subscribe on Youtube. Make sure you also Bookmark the blog so you do not miss out any cool and useful stuff. 

About me-

I am a professional blogger and SEO expert. I have been blogging since 2015 and have worked on more than 12 blogs. My areas of interest are internet, smartphones and technology. I like trying different services in the internet and reviewing them.

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About Me

Hello there, I am a student studying in class 12. Computers, technology, internet are my areas of interest. I have learned a lot about coding, designing, internet since I was in class 8 and still learning. Now I want to share my knowledge with everyone so they can also get benefit from that.